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ArchTec Parkview Double Trash/Recycling Receptacle

ArchTec Parkview provides an upscale, sophisticated appearance to any decor.

Item #: 72720199


ArchTec Parkview Double Trash/Recycling Receptacle

  • Upscale double steel slotted trash / recycling bin with dome lid supports your facilities green initiatives
  • Includes a set of decals to clearly identify your recycling program
  • Decals include: Aluminum, Glass, Plastic, Paper, Mixed Recyclables, Trash and two recycling logos
  • Two separate liners and openings on each side create a perfect all-in-one trash / recycling center
  • Each round opening is 8" x 5"; discard trash or recyclables without touching the container
  • 25 Gallon liners with built-in handles and Grab Bag system makes maintenance hassle free
  • Double Dome lid, constructed of durable polyethylene keeps weather elements out.
  • Waste container base is constructed of heavy-gauge, fire safe steel rails