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Battery Recycling Bin

Prevents harmful chemicals and heavy metals from entering landfills

Battery Recycling Bin
The Battery Recycling Bin comes with convenient carrying handle.
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Item #: BAT BIN


Made with Recycled Content
Made in North America

Made with
Recycled Content

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The Battery Recycling Bin

No Negatives - Just Positives for the Battery Recycling Bin!

The Battery Recycling Bin is a unique and innovative response to an environmental issue: disposing of batteries in the garbage. Complete with a snap-tight lid and pre-cut battery opening, it's convenient size holds an impressive amount of batteries while remaining manageable to transport with ease.


  • Lid opens and closes with one hand
  • Customized lid with hole for battery collection
  • Rounded corners and edges
  • Sturdy contoured handle
  • Stocked with “BATTERIES ONLY!” stamped on front and lid