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KC 1000 Compost Bin

KC 1000 Compost Bin
The KC-1000 Compost Bin
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Item #: KC-1000


Carbon Filter


Made with Recycled Content
Made in North America

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Recycled Content

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KC-1000 Compost Bin

This handy, portable compost carrier is perfect for short term storage of kitchen compost. Featuring the new optional micro-vent, or alternative vented lid with an activated charcoal filter, both great solutions for eliminating odors caused by compost. All corners and edges are rounded making it easy to clean and empty, in addition to being dishwasher safe.


  • Compact design can be hung from 2 screws on a cabinet door
  • Snap-lock lid opens and closes effortlessly with one hand
  • Optional carbon filtering system is the most effective odor filtration system available
  • Completely smooth interior and rounded corners make for easy cleaning and are dishwasher safe
  • Fits all standard paper and plastic composting bags
  • Front of bin and lid can be custom stamped with your information
  • Sturdy handle for convenient transport
Activated Charcoal Filters
Activated charcoal filters are able to absorb odors created by composting, which remain trapped until the filter is disposed. Filters are recommended to be changed every 3 months; so the 3-Pack should last 9 months following this guideline.

This container is recommended for the following industries: Multi-Family Complex Collection Containers, Waste Hauler Collection Bins, Office Waste & Recycling Containers