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    Recent Posts

    • Selecting The Right Recycling Bins For Your Office

      Working in an office or fancy store involves maintaining the workspace with adequate decor. One way to ensure your workspace is on the level that meets your branding for clients or customers is with recycling bins.

      Choose the best recycling bins for the office to help minimize the sight of recycling. By using these three techniques with your recycling efforts, you will optimize the interior or exterior design.

    • Select The Right Recycle Bins With Wheels

      Learn how to maximize workplace efficiency by using recycling cans with caster wheels. Whether you buy a recycling bin that comes exclusively with wheels or you need to add these to a customized order, we are here to help. Find out how Recycle Away can solve your recycling dilemmas with more innovative solutions for recycling bins that roll.

    • Why Trash & Recycle Bin Combos Are Useful For Businesses

      As you shop for your business's ideal trash and recycling bin combination, start with the most requested features. These include capacity and size, as well as materials and lid design. Now dig deeper into these features and seven of the best trash and recycling stations that are sold at Recycle Away.

      Capacity and Size

      The capacity of a trash and recycling combo is typically three times that of a standard-size trash bin. Consider having the following types of waste receptacles:

      • Waste and non-recyclables bin
      • Glass and fragile recyclable items container
      • Paper recycling container
      • Plastics disposal can

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