Athens-Clarke County

Athens-Clarke County

Athens-Clarke County in Georgia, led by Waste Reduction Administrator Suki Janssen, came to Recycle Away with the goal to reach a 75% waste diversion goal by 2020. Their busy town needed durable, clearly labeled recycling bins that had weather-protectant lids. They also wanted the containers to fit in with the charming aesthetic of their town.

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  • Identified that the Streetscape series would be durable for outdoor use and provide a weather-resistant screen
  • Clearly labeled the bins with several graphics, providing information on exactly what could be recycled.
  • Delivered containers in a timely manner, before the town’s big football event and in conjunction with their creative recycling campaign

This engaging video is Athens-Clarke County’s Recycle More Zombie PSA, which was only one part of their extensive campaign to promote recycling in their town.

Athens-Clarke County was extremely happy with the results and timing of their order. Their entire marketing campaign focused around putting the recycling bins out in their town before the largest football game they’d had in 20 years. They paired this timing with their Zombie PSA about recycling, which aired during the Walking Dead premiere and throughout several weeks. Janssen said, “Humor worked for us in the past. You have to catch the public’s attention in ways that are different or unique… The Walking Dead Season opener was coming up at the same time of Halloween and the release of our new branded recycling bins.”

With the launch of their new recycling program came an innovative, easy-to-navigate website all about the program. Residents can come to this page for an events calendar, FAQs, a comprehensive list of recyclable items, drop-off sites, budget information, and much more. You can also find statistics about the recycling program itself; on it, they state that during the three months after placing the recycling bins around town, they saw a 5% increase in the incoming recycling tonnage. We’re proud to have been involved in such an energetic and thorough recycling campaign. Keep up the good work, Athens-Clarke County!