Beautiful Bins for Outdoor Spaces

Any business interested in offering their customers an eco-friendly way to dispose of their trash should know about Recycle Away's 2017 Outdoor Recycling Sale, where we are offering the best products and prices on all kinds of outdoor recycling bins. Any business with outdoor spaces for their patrons needs affordable, sturdy recycling containers that can handle large amounts of trash and weather the elements. Whether you run a sports stadium, have a restaurant with an outdoor patio seating area, or you have any other kind of business with outdoor space, outdoor recycling bins are a great way to show your commitment to eco-friendly business practices. Here are some examples of the containers available now as part of Recycle Away's 2017 Outdoor Recycling sale:

  • You can give your patrons a place to dispose of their mixed recyclables and other trash with the ArchTec Parkview Double Recycling Receptacle. These weather-resistant, durable containers are made of steel, perfect for areas like parks, playgrounds, schools, business campuses, golf courses, and boardwalks. With the ability to hold up to 50 gallons of waste at a time, these reliable recycling containers can easily handle a day's worth of pedestrian traffic. 
  • A flexible recycling bin option, good for both outdoor and indoor use, is the Polytec Waste & Recycling Combo. Made from durable plastic, these bins are eco-friendly right off the bat, as they are produced from 25% post-consumer recycled material. Each bin holds 48 gallons of waste, keeping overflow problems to a minimum.
  • The Expanded Metal Recycling and Waste Combo is another great option, offering containers with durable mesh grating for your outdoor recycling bin needs. This combo can be fitted with optional plastic linings, and without linings they are see-through, for greater public safety. The powder coat finish gives the containers improved weather resistance, and the 48 gallon capacity of each makes them ideal for public places like theme parks, shopping malls, and anywhere else with large amounts of foot traffic. 
  • If you operate a business in New York City, then you will need recycling bins that are in compliance with the city's new recycling standards. This means having bins that allow for the separation of different kinds of recyclable waste. Our New York Compliant recycling and waste collection includes great looking three-stream recycling stations in steel and plastic. Bins are available in attractive and distinctive NYC compliant colors, including Midnight Blue, Hunter Green, and Satin Black. Recycling bins in this collection can be connected using included hardware or arranged individually as needed.

Many industry leaders choose Recycle Away to supply them with recycling and waste containers. Universal Studios, JCPenny, and Starbucks are just a few of our amazing customers that come to us to get the recycling and waste bins they need to help make their businesses a success. Recycle Away provides businesses with the biggest selection of Made-in-America waste disposal products. Our recycle and waste bins are customizable, with a variety of colors and logos available. See what kinds of great deals your business can get on outdoor recycling bins during the Recycle Away 2017 Outdoor Recycling Sale today! You can contact a sales representative at 800.664.5340.