Burton Snowboards Case Study

Burton Snowboards

Burton, one of the most iconic snowboarding brands in the world, chose Recycle Away to outfit their eco-friendly headquarters in Burlington, VT, with a complete waste stream program. They wanted something that would separate trash, compost, and recycling, and that would also fit in with their brand.

PROCESS Find out more about The Simple Sort Collection

  • Identified that the Large Simple Sort Recycling Station would be the most effective for their purpose. The Simple Sort Collection is one of our most versatile and popular lines.
  • Provided the Burton team with the dimensions for the graphics that would be affixed to the panels at the top of each container.
  • Delivered containers to the Burton Headquarters in a timely manner.

We took a trip to the Burton Headquarters in Burlington to check up on our recycling containers. They were hard at work (both the people and the containers), sorting waste streams in an efficient way. We were impressed at their graphics, which followed best practices with clear labeling of the different streams.  We were told that the containers are emptied every night and it was clear that they were keeping the massive office space clean, which houses over 500 employees and approximately 100 dogs each work day.  

Burton Snowboards Case Study

As you can see from our pictures, they are still doing a great job maintaining their Simple Sort containers and we’re happy to be involved with such an eco-friendly company.