Many colleges and universities all over the country are incorporating recycling programs into their schools to enhance their current recycling needs. The need to reduce waste, cut costs and promote "green" efforts are quickly becoming a way of life for many students and facility members.

Schools produce a staggering amount of trash everyday. How this trash is thrown away or recycled is vital to the environment and how a school functions. Recycling programs are a great way to motivate students to not only minimize the amount of waste they producing, it's also a way to educate the entire campus and the general public. Motivated students can help change the way we recycle and how we can reduce and reuse on our campuses.

Recycling on campuses plays an essential role as your campus expands and evolves. It's important for these schools to look beyond their existing recycling efforts and incorporate new ways to go above and beyond their current actions. This can lend itself to the expansion of other programs, that assist in waste prevention and reuse practices. Many schools are working towards future goals and including ways to compost food scraps, recycle e-waste and also encourage a Zero Waste movement to create the ultimate model of sustainable and "green" campus movements. For instance, the University of Oregon is ranked highest in the country for their sustainability practices and principles. They created a "Campus Zero Waste program" in 2012 and continue to be a university leader.

At Recycle Away, we have worked with more than forty colleges and universities to help them expand their recycling programs. Want to know more about who we've worked with? Check out our current customer list here. Promoting environmental stewardship is an important aspect to sustainable practices and dedication to waste management. We have provided our school and university customers with attractive, durable and cost-effective recycling containers and bins. We offer a wide variety of College Campus Recycling Containers and have an extensive selection of:

Whether you are a big or small school or university, we want you to be successful in your recycling efforts. Creating these programs can lead to a better, more effective streamlined waste management system, and in turn contribute to a greener way of life that betters your campus and your community.

Does your campus currently offer a recycling program? Share your story with us!