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Choosing the best bins & barrels for your outdoor space.

Posted by Philip J. on 4/8/2018
Choosing the best bins & barrels for your outdoor space. is happy to announce our Spring Sale 2018, where we are offering the best recycling bins and trashcan receptacles for events, parks, festivals, and offices. No matter what kind of recycling bin you need, or for whatever purpose, has you covered.

The Recycling Barrel with Lift Off Lid is one of our many flexible outdoor recycling bin options, as it comes with exchangeable lids with a variety of opening ID's, for whichever kind of recycleable or trash it's going to be used for. Depending on what kind of waste is going to go into the can, there are different restrictive openings, helping to curtail cross-contamination, as well as provide your patrons with a visual reference for the kind of waste that is to be disposed of.

If you're looking for something from our Expanded Metal Collection, consider the Expanded Metal Recycling Receptacle, which comes with a Powder Coat, in order to protect the can and minimize wear and tear. With a 48-gallon capacity, and constructed out of steel, this high-capacity, durable can is sure to handle whatever is thrown its way. The can's labeling is customizable based on your preferences, and can include things like Bottles & Cans, Aluminum, Plastic, Bottles Only, and Glass Only. This outdoor recycling receptacle can is also available with a rigid plastic liner, for lining the inside of the can.

The Streetscape Collection is a line of attractive outdoor garbage cans that were designed with parks and other outdoor spaces in mind. One model from this collection is the Streetscape Classic Recycling Receptacle, composed of all steel and able to handle 35.5 gallons of waste. Weighing 125 pounds, this incredibly durable outdoor trashcan is an aesthetically pleasing addition to any outdoor park or other green space.

Perhaps your looking for some recycling bins that are appropriate for a corporate space. The Sustainability Collection offers office spaces and other businesses engaging options that motivate will employees to recycle, all while boosting corporate sustainability. The Dorset Series of recyclingcans are manufactured from recycled milk jugs. The Dorest Sideload Double Recycling Station was create for both indoor and outdoor use, and each station can be labelled for waste only and recycling only. This station meet LEED recycled content requirements, is fire safe, and is compliant with ADA standards. Created from recycled HDPE, no foam fillers were used in its manufacturing.

The RB-1 Collection is a dependable group of recycling bins and trash cans that offer industrial-style type durability. The Recycling Bin I is the original recycling container, able to hold 48-gallons of recyclables. Available with both a Pyramid Lid and a V Lid, as well as coming in different colors, including Green, Black, Red, and Blue, this durable recycling bin is highly customizable. You can use this bin both outdoors and indoors, in settings such as gas stations, athletic fields, offices, school, amusement parks, and parks. Collect recycling such as bottle or cans, and you can add wheels for maximum portability.

No matter what your recycling or trashcan needs are, has you covered during our Spring Sale 2018!