City of Albany, New York

Historic Washington Park in Albany, New York is the city’s most cherished and highly utilized public space. The Park has a variety of architectural designs including monuments, theatres, and cobblestone walkways. It is host to large events on regular
 basis. Despite being the city’s most recognized and largest park, there was no recycling system in place. The City of Albany partnered with Recycle Away to design custom recycling containers that would be zero maintenance and reflect the architecture and landscape of park.


  • Select attractive, sustainable and durable recycling system to fit decor and withstand the elements.
  • Custom design panels to highlight campaign.

Find out more about The Sustainability Series Recycle Away designed a two-stream recycling station from our Sustainability Series that incorporated the city’s new single-stream recycling program. The city purchased 75 units and placed them strategically throughout the park in high traffic locations. The series fit perfectly into the landscape and worked seamlessly with the diverse and elegant architecture surrounding the park. The recycling system reflected the city’s new single-stream program where bottles, cans, and paper could be recycled together. As an added benefit, the entire recycling station is manufactured from high-grade plastic lumber manufactured from recycled milk jugs The reception from Park visitors has been very favorable. We are particularly pleased to work with the city of Albany as it is hometown of Recycle Away owner Michael Alexander.