Composting 101 - for Students and Professionals

Composting is a great way to stay environmentally friendly, whether you're located on a school campus, at the office, or you're interested in running a university composting program. is proud to offer waste stations with compost bins, so you always have a way to easily maintain an eco-friendly public space. 

Here are some steps you can take to get started with your composting future:

1. Network and Use the Resources Available

College students and faculty can jump right into the composting process thanks to the College and University Recycling Coalition, a non-profit organization that networks colleges and universities who are seeking to share the best practices for composting and recycling. CURC is made up of more than 900 professionals who hail from the higher education system, each of whom bring their expertise on sustainable practices to campuses looking to implement them. With webinars, workshops, manuals, and toolkits available, as well as free membership accessible to any campus that is interested, there's no reason why you shouldn't involve your school in this amazing coalition of sustainability experts. 

2. Provide Places to Compost

As a student or professional, your life is undoubtedly a busy one. This means that a large part of getting you and your colleagues to compost relies on having a multitude of accessible spots where you can dispose of compostable materials. offers the Medium Simple Sort Triple Recycling & Trash Station, which include not only a compost bin, but also a bin for trash and recyclables. Each bin is color coded and has 8" x 11" signs that clearly designate where each kind of waste is supposed to go. This station comes in different sizes, with 16, 20, and 23 gallon stations available. Another option is the Sterling Triple Bin Recycling Station, an attractively designed station constructed from plastic lumber that is manufactured from recycled milk jugs. Intended for both indoor and outdoor use, high-quality pigments are used, along with UV inhibitors, for maximum durability even in the most demanding environmental conditions. If you only need a single station composting bin, the ErgoCan Plastic Composting Container provides 20 gallons of compostable material capacity, and can be customized with graphic display panels chosen by you. These displays and lid labels make identifying the type of waste disposal easy to see from any angle. All of these great products are available at

 3. You're Already Involved - Now Compete!

A fun aspect of CURC's school recycling programs is the RecycleMania nationwide recycling competition, which tracks the amount of waste schools collect over an 8-week period every year. Reports show that RecycleMania has consistently increased the amount of recyclables collected at universities during the competition, and is an excellent way to motivate those on your campus to recycle and compost their waste. With results tallied and posted on a weekly basis, schools can use that data to rally their student body to out-recycle the competition, ultimately bettering the sustainability of their campus. 

Whether it's a school cafeteria, a dormitory rec room, or your office's lobby, they're all good places to put a compost bin. Compost recycling alleviates the amount of trash put into landfills, and will contribute to the sustainable practices of your university or workplace. Visit today to find the composting station that's right for you and your business or campus.