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Downtown Recycling Efforts Underway in Brattleboro Vermont

Posted by Lisa on 12/20/2010 to Press Releases
Thanks to Recycle Away, Brattleboro Vermont is no longer a trash-only town. For the first time ever, recycling containers are filling up in two downtown locations.
With the support of Brattleboro’s Solid Waste Committee, Recycle Away was able to provide their downtown with affordable containers for both recycling and land fill waste. Choosing attractive containers was important to maintaining a clean look for Brattleboro’s high traffic, touristy neighborhood.
Sparkling steel boxes carved with a home-town emblem are keeping streets cleaner. The most striking feature of this Recycling Duo system is the window; revealing when a container is full. Clear 30 gallon bags allow for easy removal. Many more custom recycling containers for downtowns and public spaces can be found at