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Garbage Bags are not our Bag!

Posted by Dave F. on 10/1/2014 to Recycling Tips
Here at Recycle Away, we know a LOT about recycling bins, recycling stations and customizable trash and recycling systems. You can also be sure that our amazing Sales Team would be thrilled to help you figure out what size, shape and thickness bag might work best for your new recycling bins.

But when it comes to selling trashbags, we'll be honest, that's just not our bag!

However, these folks* look like they may be able to help you:

Let us know how it goes with Plastic Place. We are always interested in helping other small businesses do great things!

Warm regards,
Dave (at

*We have no affiliation or connection with Plastics Place and cannot comment on their business or service. But please let me know how it turns out for you and your business. Thanks!