Composting is a hot topic in Vermont. That's because our "Green Mountain State" is leading the charge in mandatory composting. In 2012, Vermont passed a law to incorporate mandatory recycling and composting of food and organic waste. Governor Peter Shumlin brought this call to action when he signed into law the "House Bill 485" that requires all Vermont residents to recycle and compost food waste by 2020, while prohibiting the disposal of compostable and recyclable to landfills.

Moving forward, Vermont will need to see an increase in large food waste generators. The law also incorporates collecting not only food waste, but yard debris as well. Keeping waste out of landfills will keep Vermont on track and help our state move towards the next phases of universal recycling and solid waste management.

Compost and composting has many benefits:

  • Helps reduce waste
  • Improves the soil to hold moisture and nutrients
  • Helps reduce soil erosion
  • Contributes to a better climate
  • Generates "green" jobs
  • Contributes to a vibrant local economy

At Recycle Away we see the value in composting and how it contributes to a "better world." We want you to know that we are ready to help you and your business get started and help take your recycling efforts to the next level.

We offer a variety of composting containers, in various shapes, sizes and colors, to assist you in recycling your food and waste scraps.

If you're looking for a simple design that's easy to use, you may like our:Twenty-three Gallon Simple Sort Compost Container

If you're looking for something mid-size check out our: ErgoCan Two Stream Recycling Station

We also have the: Waste Watcher Three Stream Station

Let us help you design and incorporate a system for collecting compostables and other recycled materials.

Does your business currently compost? Tell us your story!