How Companies and Universities are CELEBRATING  EARTH DAY 2018

Earth Day 2018 is going to be this Sunday, April 22. Universities and businesses all across the country will be celebrating Earth Day 2018, with various events planned to boost eco-sustainability awareness and education. This year's Earth Day theme is "End Plastic Pollution," and many companies and universities are taking steps to do just that.

At Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania, this year students held an event centered around developing the thinking towards sustainability and the need to promote and utilize on-campus recycling programs. Games were played to incentivize attendees, but in order to play, they had to either answer or read a question or fact concerning the environment. The organizers also partnered with the Green Campus Initiative, an on-campus group working towards greater sustainability practices, as well as pointing out how things like refillable water bottles are more sustainable than plastic ones. 

Marshall University in West Virginia also recently had an Earth Day celebration, that included a plethora of recycling opportunities, as well as fun activities like rock wall climbing and educational forums about local sustainability opportunities. 

The University of San Francisco in California has an Earth Day event planned, with chances to learn about organic farming. Local farm Star Route Farms will be represented to better educate students about sustainable farming practices. 

Many companies are holding on-site events for Earth Day, or offering deals to customers who have proof of engaging in sustainable practices. The Hotel Felix in Chicago is the first Silver LEED certified hotel in the city, and is celebrating Earth Day by letting customers bring proof of eco-friendliness, like say, a corporation's recycling program, to receive 22% off the best rate available. 

The outdoor gear company REI is undertaking a restoration and cleanup event at California State Parks in honor of Earth Day 2018. Volunteers will participate in removing trash and graffiti, renovating structures that are not ADA compliant, performing trail maintenance, and removing invasive species of plants. 

Companies are finding innovative ways to reward their employees for practicing eco-sustainability. Things like recycling drives, neighborhood cleanups, and going paperless are all great ways to get your employees involved in sustainable practices, and it's known that the majority of consumers take positive note of such initiatives when making purchasing decisions. 

Perhaps it feels daunting to undertake a green initiative plan in a corporate environment. Creating a "Green Team," or a group of employees who are passionate about tackling corporate eco-sustainability initiatives, can be a great way to jumpstart your business's recycling program, or any other green initiatives you want to implement. And if such a group of employees in your company are already taking the lead in corporate sustainability, make sure and recognize their efforts. 

If your business or university is looking to plan their own Earth Day event, has an action toolkit, with ideas for teach-ins, ways to develop key messages, and ideas about coordinating media campaigns. Also remember, it's important to have recycling bins on-site if you're going to instate a recycling program, as you'll want students and employees to have ample places to recycle. Happy Earth Day 2018!