Keep America Beautiful is the nation's leading nonprofit that brings people together to build and sustain vibrant communities. With the help of volunteers throughout communities all over the country, Keep America Beautiful networks those involved to help turn public spaces into beautiful places. Engaging individuals to take greater responsibility in improving their community's environment is a mission that truly speaks volumes.

Keep America Beautiful or KAB for short, helps take public spaces such as parks, community gardens or vacant lots and encourages people to come together to see the value in repurposing and improving these areas to reflect positive social and economic change to unite communities together to create beautiful spaces.

KAB works with many sponsors and partners to incorporate their mission and showcase their goals. They offer many programs such as: America Recycles Day, Cars to Donate, Cigarette Litter Prevention Program, Game Day Recycling Challenge, Graffiti Hurts and many more. These programs educate, encourage and involve a call to action that creates a positive change to local economies and communities that lead to a cleaner and more sustainable nation.

Keep America Beautiful is hosting a national conference in Washington, D.C., taking place on January 27th through the 29th. The conference offers the following benefits:

  • A unique chance for people participating to increase their base knowledge, share challenges and success stories, as well as network with peers also attending the event
  • Provides training opportunities to help with professional development to local and state affiliates
  • Gives attendees a wide variety of topics, trends and agendas focused on hot topics such as waste reduction, recycling and the prevention of litter
  • Allows those attending to help strengthen and achieve successful programs on local and state levels
  • Commitment to sustainability, environmental stewardship and sustainability efforts are showcased by KAB partners that involve sponsorship and scholarship opportunities

The conference also includes more than twelve keynote speakers from all over the nation to speak on topics such as community development, grassroots initiatives, reducing food waste with compostable practices, volunteer opportunities to engage the youth, as well as increasing recycling in the workplace.

Recycle Away has worked closely with KAB to provide customized containers for many of their projects. We will be attending the conference to meet and connect with municipalities and businesses who share the KAB vision in hopes of providing our containers and services to them as well.

Will you be attending the conference or have you attended one in the past? Share your stories with us!