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Large Simple Sort Double Recycling Station - Custom

The complete recycling solution!

Large Simple Sort Double Recycling Station - Custom
Simple Sort Double Station (shown with optional connectors)
  • Capacity: 2 x 23 = 46 Gal
  • Dimensions: 22" w x 20" l x 30" h
  • Weight: 12.6 lbs
  • Setting: Indoor
  • Material: Plastic


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The Simple Sort Recycling Container makes it easy to collect and sort any recyclable material. The Simple Sort features a vertical 8.5" x 11" sign frame providing clear recycling instructions, reducing contamination and increasing recovery. The Simple Sort also features a wide selection of restricted opening lids in various colors, including circles for cans & bottles, slots for paper, single stream lids for both, or rectangular openings for waste or organics. Also available as a Single or Triple Stream.

Advantages of clearly marked signage as part of a successful recycling program:

  • Clear communication makes for a clean sort of recyclables and a great program!
  • Color coding makes recycling simple
  • Great for offices and high traffic areas

Sign Frame Features:

  • Clear and user friendly design
  • Fits standard letter size paper
  • Includes clear plastic cover to protect the sign

Container Dimensions
23 Gallon: Weight: 6.5 lbs | 11L x 20W x 30H

Sign Dimensions
8.5" wide by 11" high

This container is recommended for the following industries: Multi-Family Complex Collection Containers, College & University Recycling & Waste Bins, Waste Hauler Collection Bins, Stadium Recycling & Trash Receptacles, Hospitality Recycling & Garbage Bins, Health Care Recycling Collection Containers, Convention Center Waste & Recycling Receptacles, Industrial Recycling Containers, School Recycling Bins, Office Waste & Recycling Containers


Model Capacity Dimensions Weight
24" Containers:
16-Gallon Simple Sort Recycling Container16 Gallon20L x 11W x 24H5.6 lbs (6.5 lbs with lid)
Small Simple Sort Two-Stream Recycling Station2 x 16 = 32 Gallons20L x 22W x 24H11.2 lbs (13 lbs with lids)
Small Simple Sort Three-Stream Recycling Station3 x 16 = 48 Gallons20L x 33W x 24H16.8 lbs (19.5 lbs with lids)
27" Containers:
20-Gallon Simple Sort Recycling Container20 Gallons 20L x 11W x 27H5.8 lbs (6.7 lbs with lid)
Medium Simple Sort Recycling Station2 x 20 = 40 Gallons20L x 22W x 27H11.6 lbs (13.4 lbs with lids)
Medium Simple Sort Three-Stream Recycling Station3 x 20 = 60 Gallons20L x 33W x 27H17.4 lbs (20.1 lbs with lids)
30" Containers:
23-Gallon Simple Sort Recycling Container23 Gallons 20L x 11W x 30H 6.3 lbs (7.2 lbs with lid)
Large Simple Sort Two-Stream Recycling Container2 x 23 = 46 Gallons20L x 22W x 30H12.6 lbs (14.4 lbs with lids)
Simple Sort Triple recycling Station3 x 23 = 69 Gallons20L x 33W x 30H18.9 lbs (21.6lbs with lids)
Simple Sort XL Recycling Container32 Gallons20.31 L x 15.63 W x 30 H8.25 lbs
Simple Sort XL Two-Stream Station2 x 32 = 64 Gallons 20.31 L x 31.26 W x 30 H16.5 lbs
Simple Sort XL Three-Stream Recycling Station3 x 32 = 96 Gallons 20.31 L x 46.89 W x 30 H24.75 lbs


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