Las Vegas Town Hall

March 2012 the City of Las Vegas opened their state-of-the-art, energy efficient city hall built to LEED standards. The modern glass facade illuminates the interior with bright sunlight by day and celebrates the city’s neon heritage by night. The recycling containers would be highly visible for ease-of-use and selected to match with the futuristic, elegant decor.

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  • Select attractive, sustainable and durable recycling system to fit decor and meet the sustainability goals of the city.
  • Custom design decals to clearly label containers.

At the unveiling of the 310,000 square-foot building built at a cost of $185 million, Recycle Away’s recycling containers were featured throughout the facility. The City’s recycling program logo was placed on every container. Featuring custom powder-coated bodies and collars, the Metro Collection recycling containers highlighted the interior color of the City Hall. Reflecting the city’s goal of economic and environmental sustainability, this innovative and sophisticated series of recycling containers is made of a minimum of 35% post-consumer steel.