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How Biodegradable Seaweed Products are Shaking Up Sustainability!

Posted by Philip J. on 3/14/2019 to Public Space Recycling
How Biodegradable Seaweed Products are Shaking Up Sustainability!

There's a new name in the world of environmentally-friendly and green products: Loliware! This innovative company is spearheading sustainable products that traditionally were made as single-use plastics; that is, plastic products like straws and forks that were meant to be used once and thrown away. The problem is what happens after they're discarded: Frequently they end up in the ocean, causing pollution to the water and other areas outdoors. Where Loliware comes in is before that whole process even begins, creating single-use products that are completely free from plastics, meaning they are biodegradable and won't cause harm to the planet or sea. With the motto, "Designed to Disappear," Loliware wants its products to be enjoyed and then disappear so as to not leave waste that is harmful to the planet. On top of that, they are edible, and are flavored to compliment the food they're helping you enjoy!

So where did this fantastic eco-friendly company come from? Loliware rose to prominence on the popular ABC TV show Shark Tank, where founders Chelsea Briganti and Leigh Ann Tucker pitched the first Loliware product, a biodegradable cup that was edible. The flavors they debuted on the show included vanilla, citrus, tart cherry, madagascar, and matcha. Investors on the show jumped on the product, and seeing the potential in the growing industry of products that are zerowaste and good for the environment. From there, the company has moved on to a new product coming out in 2019, edible straws aptly named "Lolistraws". 

Loliware's edible straws were designed because around 500 million plastic straws are used around the world every day. Once disposed of, it's likely those straws will end up in a landfill or ocean, where they cause pollution and harm wildlife. Not only that, but how long it will take those plastic products to break down could be decades, if not centuries. And that much plastic waste sticking about is detrimental to the planet. Many of these kinds of plastic products cannot be recycled, and therefore offer no alternative to disposal via trash. It was with this thought in mind that Loliware was founded. 

How are Loliware's array of products made? Both Loliware cups and straws are made from organics materials like seaweed, fruits, and vegetables. On top of that, they are BPA-free, gluten-free, gelatin-free, non-toxic, non-GMO, FDA approved, and all natural. This means that not only are they good for you, they're good for the climate on earth. 

With the Loliware straw, a term not frequently seen before has popped up in the vocabulary surrounding the eco-friendly movement: Hyper-compostable! This means it breaks down fast, and can be eaten if desired. When looked in the context of the fact that there will be more plastic straws in the ocean than fish by the year 2050 if the current trends keep up, it's imperative that companies like Loliware continue to strive to make important innovations to reduce the needs for plastics and help to maintain the health of the planet. Larger issues like global warming are compounded by waste that cannot be recycled, making products that leave no waste all the more valuable to helping to preserve nature.

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