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NYC Compliant Spectrum Three-Stream Recycling Station

Designed for the New York City Recycling Rules and Made of Durable Powder Coated Steel

NYC Compliant Spectrum Three-Stream Recycling Station
NYC Business Recycling Standards Compliant
  • Capacity: 22 + 22+ 24 = 68 Gal
  • Dimensions: 47 1/4" w x 15 3/4" l x 30 3/8" h
  • Weight: 86.75 lbs
  • Setting: Indoor
  • Material: Steel


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The Spectrum Three-Stream Recycling Station

Being green just got more colorful.  Enter the new Spectrum Series of vividly hued receptacles designed to brighten any program.  When choosing the Spectrum Series, you can be confident that the highest-quality, most-versatile set of containers will outfit your program and your space perfectly.  You can also be confident that the combination of containers you've selected today, can be easily adjusted to suit your program of tomorrow.  Available in six attractive colors with a variety of openings and labels to choose from.  This three-stream includes two 22 Gallon Ellipse containers and one 24 Gallon Cube container. 

This three-stream station was specifically designed to meet the New York City New Business Recycling Rules.  The first container is Blue with a 'Glass, Cans, & Plastic' label and a circle opening.  The second is Green with a 'Paper' label and a slot opening. The third is Black with a 'Waste' label and a full opening.  To customize this product with a variety of colors, lids, and labels CLICK HERE.


  • Lightweight lid for easy maintenance
  • Rigid plastic liners
  • Compatible with all other Spectrum Series containers
  • Lead-in openings that maintain cleanliness
  • Made of durable Powder Coated 18 gauge Steel
  • Liner made of 100% Recycled Content


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