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North Carolina City Spruces up Recycling Program

Posted by Lisa on 5/17/2011
Recycle Away assisted Kernersville in choosing durable outdoor containers for their center of town.
These custom Side Load Containers are manufactured  from over 1,000 milk jugs. This container is virtually maintenance free and never needs painting, never splinters and never becomes food for termites.  This is one of our most popular waste system for outdoor settings. 
"Our containers from Recycle Away look great.  They are easy to clean, easy to empty, and have created quite a buzz in the community.  They are such an improvement from what we had before, they actually blend in much better to the background while still being visible.  We have received many positive comments about them from the Downtown Council and business owners who use them.  Most importantly, they provide convenient recycling opportunities for visitors to our downtown district! 
Mary McClellan
Solid Waste and Recycling Specialist
Kernersville, NC.