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Our Top 10 Favorite Recycling Containers

Posted by Amanda Shepard on 10/9/2014 to Public Space Recycling

We've come up with a list of our top 10 favorite recycling containers that we love to sell. They aren't necessarily our top-sellers (although some are), but they are our team's favorites!

The Kaleidoscope Collection

1. The Kaleidoscope Collection.

One of our top recommendations for indoor recycling, The Kaleidoscope Collection makes it super easy to separate waste streams. We also love this collection for its fun, bright powder-coat colors, making it the perfect choice for offices, schools, or business parks.

Learn More About the Kaleidoscope Collection Here.

The Ergocan

2. The ErgoCan Collection

One of our top-selling collections, the ErgoCan Collection is 100% customizable, making it a great choice for anyone who wants to add branding to their recycling program. This collection is perfect for shopping plazas, stadiums, parks, and more.

Learn More About the ErgoCan Collection Here.

The Recycling Bin I

3. The Recycle Bin I

Our #1 best selling product, The Recycle Bin I is by far our most affordable, yet highly-durable outdoor container. A tough, timeless recycling container, we love it so much that we sold it to our own town parks!

Learn More About the Recycling Bin I Here.

The Stadium Series

4. The Stadium Series

The Stadium Series is comprised of steel, outdoor containers that are extremely durable. Our customers love this line because each container can be easily customized with a corporate logo or with unique decals and labels.

Learn More About the Stadium Series.

Simple Sort Collection

5. Simple Sort Collection

The Simple Sort Collection is one of our best options for offices, copy rooms, classrooms and school hallways. The containers come in a variety of lid color/opening options, to help easily designate sorting. The signs above the containers are also completely customizable.

Learn More About the Simple Sort Collection Here.

Polytech 42 Gallon

6. Polytech 42 Gallon Square Container

This heavy-duty, durable container is ideal for gas stations and other outdoor settings. It's been growing in popularity with our customers and is a dependable, affordable choice.

Learn More About the Polytech 42 Gallon Here.

The Metro Collection

7. The Metro Collection

The clean lines, durability and style of The Metro Collection makes it the perfect choice for customers looking for a container to fit into their high-end office decor. The versatile containers are made from 100% powder-coated steel. The Metro is like the Kaleidoscope, only all grown up.

Learn More About the Metro Collection Here.

Glaro Half-Round Recycling Container

8. Glaro Half-Round Recycling Container

The Glaro's half round design is both stylish and convenient, staying out of your way. This container fits nicely in lobbies and corridors, without taking up much space. We offer over a dozen different finishes to help it fit into any decor.

Learn More About the Glaro Half-Round Here.

Sustainability Series

9. The Sustainability Series

The most durable outdoor containers in the market, The Sustainability Series is constructed with plastic lumber. The containers are easily customized in dozens of ways through our online store. If you're looking for something even more customizable (get crazy!), give us a call and we'll be happy to help.

Learn More About the Sustainability Series Here.

14 Quart Recycling Container

10. 14 Quart Recycling Container

We know you've all seen (and probably used) one of these recycling containers. Our 14 Quart Recycling Container is most comfortable nestled underneath an office desk, keeping all work areas organized and earth-friendly.

Learn More About the 14 Quart Recycling Container.

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