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Brattleboro, VT - December 2, 2013

Increase in Corporate Sustainability Programs Spurs Green Job Growth for North American Recycling Container Manufacturers.

Today, corporate sustainability programs are booming. Waste and recycling is listed as the top sustainability initiative in businesses and institutions. Recycling is the least expensive highest profile way to showcase your commitment to the environment. Fortune Global 500 companies are placing a premium on reporting outcomes of their recycling programs. The Value of Sustainability Reporting 2013 study by Ernst & Young and the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship found that “corporate reputation, expanding transparency and reporting positive deeds” are the most important ways to build public trust in their businesses. The study revealed that more than 50 percent of survey respondents said that sustainability reporting improved their firm’s reputation not only with customers but also with employees. Furthermore, the study revealed a 36 percent increase of inquiries by shareholders regarding the company’s responsibility for recycling products.

Corporate recycling programs success depends on the right container, requiring purchases of large quantity, high-quality recycling bins. Michael Alexander, President of Recycle Away a leading supplier and designer of innovative recycling containers manufactured in North America, brings 25 years of experience in sustainability management to the service side of the company. “Anyone can sell a recycling container, but not everyone will know how to make it work for the customer. Our strategic partnerships with 15 North American-based manufacturers allows us to design the right recycling containers for our customers’ budget and setting.”

PNC Bank Green Team

As these sustainability initiatives take hold, companies like Recycle Away support these new revenue streams that help family-owned U.S. manufacturing companies provide high-paying green jobs to thousands of U.S. based employees. Manufacturers rely on distributors like Recycle Away to bring distinction to the growing market of recycling containers. Michael Alexander explains the importance of their consulting services. “One of our customers, PNC Bank, is in the race to lead the banking industry in meeting a zero-waste goal. Recycle Away helped in every aspect of the implementation process by customizing the containers with corporate branding and design, identifying which line of products would encourage employee participation, improving cost-savings through landfill diversion, implementing best practices to prevent cross-contamination, and selecting the container that fits perfectly with the design of their new corporate office. Helping companies kick off a successful corporate recycling program involves more than just sales.”

Ex-Cell Kaiser, a family-owned Chicago-area company founded in 1933, introduced their first recycling container into the market just ten years ago. Recycling is now the key driver to their growth. “Individual consumers are holding corporations accountable by demanding social and environmental responsibility, fueling the demand for recycling bins for offices and other commercial spaces,” says Anna Cosentino, VP of Ex-Cell Kaiser. “Our partnership with Recycle Away has enabled corporations to meet their green initiatives, while simultaneously helping us retain and expand manufacturing jobs at our Chicago-based factory.”

Recycle Away and Trash Cans Warehouse, both headquartered in Brattleboro, Vermont, provide complete recycling solutions to corporations, governments, colleges, schools, and non-profit organizations. They specialize in Recycling Containers for schools, public parks, offices, manufacturing facilities, events, and corporate recycling Bins.

Ex-Cell Kaiser, a Chicago-based developer and manufacturer of unique, high-quality recycling, hospitality and facility management products.

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