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The Challenge of Markets - The supply of recyclables is larger than the demand

Posted by Michael Alexander on 4/2/2019 to Public Education
The Challenge of Markets - The supply of recyclables is larger than the demand
This article, by Recycle Away CEO Michael Alexander, was originally published in the EPA Journal in July-August 1992. It is turning out to be more relevant and informative than ever in the current international recycling landscape.

How Companies and Universities are CELEBRATING EARTH DAY 2018

Posted by Philip J. on 4/19/2018 to Public Education
How Companies and Universities are CELEBRATING  EARTH DAY 2018

Earth Day 2018 is going to be this Sunday, April 22. Universities and businesses all across the country will be celebrating Earth Day 2018, with various events planned to boost eco-sustainability awareness and education.

4 Tips for Running a Recycling Program at Your University or College

Posted by Philip J. on 7/18/2017 to Public Education
4 Tips for Running a Recycling Program at Your University or College
School-wide recycling programs are an educational opportunity for students to learn more about environmentally-friendly practices.

Sustainable National Parks

Posted by Sarah M. on 5/1/2017 to Public Space Recycling
Sustainable National Parks

As the warm weather creeps closer, those campgrounds and trails start beckoning. But planning for outdoor season isn’t just a matter of making sure there’s enough room for tents, bear lockers are shipshape and trails are maintained.

Happy Earth Day!

Posted by Emily Bellmore on 4/22/2015 to Public Education

Today, April 22nd, marks the 45th anniversary of Earth Day! Do you remember what you were doing when Earth Day began in 1970? Earth Day in 1970 "capitalized on the emerging consciousness, channeling the energy of the anti-war protest movement and putting environmental concerns front and center", stated Earth Fast forward 45 years and what you have today, is a global movement recognizing the importance of Mother Nature, the fight for a clean environment and showing respect for the conservation of our planet. Earth Day is a wonderful time to celebrate our beloved planet and raise awareness of the need to respect, protect and love it. Not only is it celebrated in the United States, it's now become one of the most nationally recognized events in the world.

Crashing Oil Prices: How It's Affecting Recycling Efforts Across The Globe

Posted by Emily Bellmore on 4/10/2015 to Public Education

Have you ever thought that oil prices and recycling could have a connection? Since recent oil prices have significantly dropped, it's putting a crunch on the recycling industry. As crude oil prices continue to crash, the result makes it cheaper for plastic companies to use new or virgin materials versus the goods you can recycle. Recycled plastics prices are extremely low, and for some waste management companies or local government affiliates, they are now having to pay to have their materials removed.

Vermont Based Company Call2Recycle Regulates A Plan For The Collection & Recycling Of Single-Use Batteries

Posted by Emily Bellmore on 4/3/2015 to Public Education

Vermont once again made the news this week, as non-profit organization Call2Recycle, North America's first and largest battery stewardship program will submit to Vermont regulators, a plan for the collection and recycling of single-use batteries. The non-profit group announced "it had been selected by battery producers to represent them in complying with the nation's first mandatory take-back law for single-use batteries."

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