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Recycle Away Brings Sex Appeal to Recycling Efforts in Communities and Universities

Posted by Lisa Recycle on 11/16/2010 to Press Releases

Custom recycling containers with
community colors and logos are
providing an attraction that the
retro –blue bin of the 90’s just can’t
seem to meet.


Recycle Away systems and
solutions supply waste containers that
display like furniture.  These tall
designer cases come dressed in
community colors or emblems with
a splash of signage. Eco-centric
or not, people can’t help but drop a
can or two into the mouth of these
stunning structures.


Indoor and outdoor containers alike are used to brand
champion recycling efforts in city parks, corporate settings,
commercial facilities and LEED certified buildings.  
Recycle Away has most recently designed containers for DePaul University,
 Hope College, Champlain College and the State University
of NY Medical Center.


Skagit County, WA and Galveston, TX are two communities with proudly
printed logos on their public recycling systems; showcasing efforts to keep
city blocks clean. 


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