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Recycle Away President Michael Alexander To Speak At The National Facilities Management and Technology Conference

Posted by Emily Bellmore on 2/13/2015 to Public Education

The National Facilities Management and Technology (NFMT) Conference and Expo will be taking place on March 10th-12th in Baltimore, Maryland at the Baltimore Convention Center. This free event gives you "customizable facilities management training, product discovery and unlimited networking. Your take-aways will be new best practices, operational strategies, tricks of the trade, new relationships, fresh ideas and innovative solutions that will help you manage your facilities more productively in 2015".

The NFMT Annual Conference allows for the nation's top leading facilities professionals to learn, connect and become more knowledgeable in the newest facility management solutions and technology. This event can help you make an impact on how your facility operates utilizing new strategies, excellent practices and cost-saving products that can contribute to the success of your business.

Recycle Away President Michael Alexander is scheduled to speak at this year's conference on the topic of sustainability and how to "Design Successful Public Space Recycling Programs". This topic is important to anyone who wants to be involved with effective recycling programs. More and more facility locations such as malls, airports, and parks are getting closer to introducing recycling programs to public spaces. Michael will also be accompanied by Alec Cooley, the Director of Recycling Programs for Keep America Beautiful which is the nation's leading nonprofit that builds and sustains vibrant communities. Together, they will be speaking on behalf of successful recycling programs that will incorporate the best new practices in public space recycling and how placement, label messaging, bin color and other design tactics can help you set-up and execute winning recycling programs.

Public Space Recycling is very important and has been a top priority for the past twenty years. However, over the same period there has been an explosion in the generation of single serve beverage containers such as bottled water, sports drinks, teas and juices. In the U.S. today, 250 billion beverage containers are generated annually, with many of these containers consumed in parks, cars, offices and venues thus are not typically recycled. Corporations and governments are now responding and investing in public space recycling containers to capture more of these containers for recycling. The main challenges to public space recycling are cross-contamination of waste and recycling, as well as, nuisances from animals accessing the containers and vandalism.

Will you be attending this year's NFMT 2015 Conference? We'd love to hear if your business or organization is participating in any way. Share your stories with us on Facebook!