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Replanet Shutdown = Opportunity for Change

Posted by Camille Gunzburg on 8/13/2019 to Public Space Recycling
The California Recycling Center Predicament
LA’s biggest Recycling Redemption center was recently shut down due to a massive drop in value of recycled aluminum and plastic. Within the past five years, 40% of recycling redemption centers have closed their doors. People are unfairly only receiving only half of their promised return refunds. This epidemic within the recycling industry may be leading public recycling practices in a negative direction. People are resorting to throwing their recyclables in trash cans or into curbside recycling bins. These curbside recycling bins tend to have massive amounts of contaminated material in them, and as a result are thrown in the trash. Sadly, the Replanet shutdown is directly affecting thousands of people who rely on their recyclables for an income in Los Angeles County. 

A shutdown impacting everyone in LA. 
There is a major concern regarding the increase of recyclables being thrown in landfills, this is leaving the city business owners and residents angry and disappointed. Redemption centers give people an immediate reward for recycling and without the appeal of getting cash for your efforts there is a fear that people will become less and less inclined to take initiative.

What Can Be Done? 
Don’t be too discouraged! There are a number of possible solutions. This widespread discontinuation of Redemption centers all over the United States is propelling people to take action. CalRecycle is being urged to pass a law demanding every grocery store in Los Angeles accept recyclables in exchange for money. If this law is spiraled into action, access to refunds for recyclable goods will become even more accessible to the public. This will help economically assist and increase availability to people who rely on recycling as a part of their income while helping diminish the amount of goods that are improperly being disposed. California lawmakers are also taking precautions by proposing legislation that will decrease the amount of trash being created. 

Don't take the Law into your own hands!
A law was proposed that will ensure that all items that are generally only used once will have stricter regulations around them. Anything that is plastic will be required to be made with products that are either compostable or reusable. If this law is passed it will be put into action and will be in full affect by 2030. This change in manufacturing will help put an end to additional trash accumulation. Break the chain, join the movement, and use our bins as your portal into a cleaner world today.