San Juan High School in San Juan Capistrano, CA revitalized recycling on campus with 20 custom systems from Recycle Away. 
In order to increase recycling efforts,  San Juan's recycling committee worked with Recycle Away experts to find containers that would be most effective and sturdy for both indoor and outdoor use.
Their team decided to custom order 20 double-side-load containers which are part of Recycle Away's popular SUSTAINABILITY SERIES.  These containers are built from high grade recycled HDPE (#2 plastic) and are constructed to last 80 years.
These bins were designed with attractive colors and school logos in order to catch the attention of students and faculty.  Unique lid openings for bottles/cans and trash will reduce waste stream contamination.
Recycling committee member, Christina Migge admits "We have received so may compliments on these bins. They have made such a huge difference at the school and they are perfect."