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Simple Sort XL Three-Stream Compost Station

Increased Recyclables? Increase Capacity!

Simple Sort XL Three-Stream Compost Station
Product comes as shown- Waste Only in black, Paper Only in green, and Cans & Bottles in blue
  • Capacity: 3 x 32 = 96 Gal
  • Dimensions: 46.89" w x 20.31" l x 30" h
  • Weight: 3 x 8.25 = 24.75 lbs
  • Setting: Indoor
  • Material: Plastic


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Make room, because here comes the Simple Sort XL! It is the same versatile container with customizable options and is now in a 32 gallon capacity for your over-sized collection needs. This Simple Sort Three-Stream Station features preconfigured options.  It comes with a blue container with a circle lid and a 'Cans & Bottles' sign, a green container with a slot lid and a 'Paper Only sign, and a black container with a rectangle opening and a 'Waste Only' sign. 

  • (3x) 32 gallon capacity
  • Various lid styles and color options
  • Sign frames fit the end or either side of the bin
  • Multiple containers create a sturdy recycling station (connects easily to the standard large Simple Sort)
  • Easy grip handles
This container is recommended for the following industries: Elementary School Recycling and Waste, High School Trash and Recycling, College & University Recycling and Waste Bins, Sports Stadium Recycling and Trash Receptacles, Back of House Waste and Recycling, Hospitality Recycling and Garbage Bins, Health Care Recycling and Trash Collection, Convention Center Waste & Recycling Receptacles, Industrial Recycling Containers, Office Waste & Recycling Containers.


Model Capacity Dimensions Weight
24" Containers:
16-Gallon Simple Sort Recycling Container16 Gallon20L x 11W x 24H5.6 lbs (6.5 lbs with lid)
Small Simple Sort Two-Stream Recycling Station16 Gallon x220L x 22W x 24H11.2 lbs (13 lbs with lids)
Small Simple Sort Three-Stream Recycling Station16 Gallon x320L x 33W x 24H16.8 lbs (19.5 lbs with lids)
27" Containers:
20-Gallon Simple Sort Recycling Container20 Gallons 20L x 11W x 27H5.8 lbs (6.7 lbs with lid)
Medium Simple Sort Recycling Station20 Gallons x220L x 22W x 27H11.6 lbs (13.4 lbs with lids)
Medium Simple Sort Three-Stream Recycling Station20 Gallons x320L x 33W x 27H17.4 lbs (20.1 lbs with lids)
30" Containers:
23-Gallon Simple Sort Recycling Container23 Gallons 20L x 11W x 30H 6.3 lbs (7.2 lbs with lid)
Large Simple Sort Two-Stream Recycling Container23 Gallons x220L x 22W x 30H12.6 lbs (14.4 lbs with lids)
Simple Sort Triple recycling Station23 Gallons x320L x 33W x 30H18.9 lbs (21.6lbs with lids)
Simple Sort XL Recycling Container32 Gallons20.31 L x 15.63 W x 30 H8.25 lbs
Simple Sort XL Two-Stream Station32 Gallons x2 20.31 L x 31.26 W x 30 H16.5 lbs
Simple Sort XL Three-Stream Recycling Station32 Gallons x3 20.31 L x 46.89 W x 30 H24.75 lbs


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