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Spectrum with Signs 24-Gallon Waste Cube

A handsome square trash bin made with quality powder-coated steel and single-stream signage

Spectrum with Signs 24-Gallon Waste Cube
Spectrum with Signs 24-Gallon Waste Cube
Item #: Kit Spectrum Cube-Sign
  • Capacity: 24 Gal
  • Dimensions: 15 3/4" w x 15 3/4" l x 40 1/2" h
  • Weight: 32.35 lbs
  • Setting: Indoor
  • Material: Steel


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Spectrum with Signs 24-Gallon Waste Cube

It's getting more colorful to be green. This Spectrum with Signs Series of vibrantly hued receptacles will brighten up your sustainability program and clearly communicate your program requirements. A high-quality, versatile steel container enhances any indoor space and encourages visitors and staff to recycle properly! The rubberized, non-skid feet help secure the containers while preventing them from scratching your flooring.

Your recycling requirements will be communicated with Spectrum with Signs bins' sturdy steel sign-frames. Your choice of containers today will easily adapt to your program of tomorrow, regardless of the combination you select. Featuring five attractive colors and a variety of openings and labels. Included are standard sign panel designs. Stream recognition is enhanced by color-coated steel bodies.

No matter what your branding or logo is, Spectrum with Signs recycling systems are fully customizable, just get in touch with a member of our team to enquire. Make your interior space stand out with a variety of color and shape choices. Streams can be added or adjusted with multiple lids, color, capacity, and shape options.

  • Supports all Spectrum Series containers
  • Easily maintained lightweight lids
  • Includes ergonomic LDPE rigid plastic liners
  • 100% recycled liners
  • Construction of powder-coated 18 gauge steel
  • Compact footprint allows it to be used in a wide range of environments
  • Distracts - embossed lead lids available in a variety of restrictive openings
  • Caster kit is available for the cube, ellipse, and cube slim.


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