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Teacher Desk Shield | 1/4"-Thick Polycarbonate Plastic

Transparent polycarbonate plastic shield protects against airborne germ transmission

Teacher Desk Shield | 1/4"-Thick Polycarbonate Plastic
Designed for schools
Item #: DS2
  • Material: Polycarbonate Sheeting


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Sneeze shields made of polycarbonate protect against pathogens in the air.

With a Desk Shield, you can provide your students with extra classroom protection. If social distancing is not possible, create a physical barrier between desks to help prevent the spread of germs. Select from a variety of sizes and add graphics to match a classroom theme or to remind students about important health procedures. The 1/4" polycarbonate Desk Edge Shields are an economical alternative to plexiglass shields and acrylic solutions to help students return to school safely.

Assist in providing protection to high-traffic areas such as reception desks, individual desktops, conference rooms, lunchroom tables, student desks, and teacher desks. In situations where social distancing cannot be achieved, you can add a shield to protect you from airborne droplets. Your existing furnishings will not need to be adjusted to fit this protective barrier.

  • Full visibility with transparent plastic
  • Polycarbonate plastic with a thickness of 1/4"
  • Disinfects easily and is easy to clean
  • The portable solution won't damage your existing furniture
  • An easy-to-relocate design
  • We offer custom sizes
  • Openings of 4" x 12" are available
  • The product is made in the USA
Benefits of polycarbonate
  • The sheets of polycarbonate are naturally UV-resistant, have a high impact resistance, and maintain their transparency, color, and shape for many years to come
  • The polycarbonate sheets are as transparent as glass, and their breakage resistance is 250 times that of standard glass and 30 times that of acrylic
  • Furthermore, polycarbonate is lighter, more durable, and easier to maneuver and install than glass
  • Drilling can be done with no worry of chipping or cracking the sheets
  • Resistant to acids, gasoline, and other chemicals
Disinfection and cleaning

Due to its chemical resistance, polycarbonate can be cleaned with harsher cleaners containing ammonia. To clean, use a microfiber or 100% cotton cloth (no other types). Solvents should not be used to clean this item.

The best sanitizers for polycarbonate are soap and water, hydrogen peroxide, and isopropyl alcohol. Hydroxides, dimethylbenzyl or ethylammonium chloride, ethylenediamine and hypochlorite should be avoided.


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