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Understanding Single- and Multiple-Stream Recycling

Posted by Philip J. on 10/25/2017 to Public Education

When considering the various recycling bin options for your business, you're probably going to see the terms single-, dual-, and multiple-stream thrown around a lot in regards to assorted recycling products. First, let's look at the single-stream recycling process. This involves collecting all recyclable materials together, and in the case of your business, this would mean all recycled objects are disposed of into a single kind of recycling bin, labeled mixed recycling. Recycling items are then sorted at a materials recovery facility, or MRF.

If you are contemplating purchasing a single-stream recycling can for your business, Recycle Away offers a huge quantity of options, all at a great price. The 24-gallon Spectrum Mixed Cube can is a flexible option for single-stream usage, coming in a plethora of colors and with customizable labels. Constructed from steel and made for indoor use, this bin can be fitted with different lids, including Mixed, Full, Slot, and Circle. Should you need a large-capacity can to handle your single-stream recycling needs, the 60-gallon Ergocan XL is a fantastic heavy-duty option for both indoor and outdoor usage. Made from plastic and weighing 41 lbs, you'll get the performance you'd expect from a top-quality recycling container series like the Ergocan Collection

Dual-stream recycling involves the separation of paper from other recyclables. The Aristata Double Stream Recycling Container is a fantastic dual-stream recycling choice, as you can label the openings "Paper" and "Mixed Recyclables." Stainless steel lids are available with customizable openings, including Mixed/Recyclables and Paper/Recyclables. As a Tier II Aristata product, custom finishes be chosen for the outside of the cans. Produced from composite materials and intended for indoor use, these sharp-looking cans offer an attractive pick for those interested in dual-stream recycling.

The great thing about the recycle can products at Recycle Away is that they can usually be tailored for a multi-stream recycling set-up. Multiple-stream recycling is similar to dual-stream recycling, in that it involves the sorting of different types of recyclables into three or more cans labeled for specific kinds of waste. Ergocan products are terrific indoor/outdoor cans that have excellent multi-stream recycling capability. Large print displays on the sides of the cans clearly show which kind of waste is to be disposed of in each can, and the stations are manufactured from 100% polyethylene plastic. The lid locks on to the stations, preventing bags from falling in to the can. The Ergocan panels can also be printed with your own designs. 

San Francisco is the nation's leader in recycling, successful recycling 80% of its waste materials as of 2013. With strict laws that make the recycling and composting of applicable waste mandatory for businesses and events, organizers and business leaders in San Francisco are sure to be aware of the consequences of not purchasing proper recyclable waste disposal containers. Los Angeles comes in second, having properly recycled or composted over 75% of its landfill waste. A number of waste-to-energy programs have been implemented in the city, with the goal of converting waste into biofuels whenever possible. Other cities that continue to innovate and cut the majority of the waste going to its landfills include San Jose, Portland, and San Diego.

Anyone considering starting or joining an electronic waste recycling program will find the durable plastic Ergocan cellphone disposal barrel a very handy item. Its large graphic panel unequivocally shows that this can is meant for cellphone recycling. Whether you need cans for single-, dual-, or multi-stream recycling, you can always find the best prices and selection at Visit today to get a jump-start on your business's eco-friendly practices.