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University of San Francisco Diverts Cafeteria Waste

Posted by Lisa on 4/8/2011

University of San Francisco (USF) expands recycling and composting program in campus cafeteria, where 5,000 meals are served daily.

Recycle Away designed a wall of functional waste stations using multiple top-loading containers. The attractive signs and symbols are consistent with other containers used around San Francisco City.

Environmental Safety Manager Joseph Murphy believes that these bins will lead to a better self sorting of materials and therefore increase overall recycling and compost rates in the cafeteria.

At first, the idea of adding compost containers in the cafeteria made personnel worried about additional dumpster runs. However, by using a wheeled cart, bio-bags holding trash, recycling and compost are piled together and wheeled off to different dumpsters.

Murphy's interest in these top loading waste stations came from the fact that they are constructed from over 790 recycled milk jugs and pure-high grade HDPE. These containers easily meet campus sustainability standards as well as endure high use.

The City of San Francisco has adopted a goal of 75% diversion by 2010 and zero waste by 2020. The diversion rate at USF is currently about 50% and growing. Murphy admits, "USF continues to implement programs that improve that number, knowing that for our city of San Francisco to reach zero waste, the businesses operating within it's border must move toward that goal as well.".