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Wallingford Recycler - 1-2 Stream

Attactive and Durable Fiberglass Recycling Container to Match Any Setting

Wallingford Recycler - 1-2 Stream
Shown here in Brown with White Lid
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Wallingford - 1-2 Stream

The Wallingford is perfect for use in high profile areas such as airports, office buildings, schools and universities. It is available in an unlimited combination of colors and finishes, and is perfect for any location.


  • Durable fiberglass construction will last for years
  • Customizable top allows you to pick the openings you need
  • Available in a wide range of colors, sizes and openings
  • Separate plastic liners for each opening
  • Includes durable recycling labels
  • Servicing is easy with the lift-off top

30 Designer Color Selections

Download a PDF version of this.

DC-35 Pure White DC-35 Pure White

DC-34 White Honey DC-34 White Honey

DC-11 Alabaster DC-11 Alabaster

DC-46 Bone DC-46 Bone

DC-38 Beige DC-38 Beige

PD-10 Navy Blue PD-10 Navy Blue

PD-28 Hunter Green PD-28 Hunter Green

PD-33 Anastasia Emerald PD-33 Anastasia Emerald

PD-34 Calypso PD-34 Calypso

PD-29 Laguna PD-29 Laguna

PD-20 Candy Apple PD-20 Candy Apple

PD-13 Earth Red PD-13 Earth Red

PD-12 Garnet PD-12 Garnet

PD-18 Rosewood PD-18 Rosewood

PD-27 Plum PD-27 Plum

PD-25 Cinnamon PD-25 Cinnamon

PD-24 Indiana Clay PD-24 Indiana Clay

PD-17 Paprika PD-17 Paprika

PD-15 Peach PD-15 Peach

PD-23 Mauve Dust PD-23 Mauve Dust

PD-31 Russian Sky PD-31 Russian Sky

PD-36 Teal PD-36 Teal

PD-38 Blue PD-38 Blue

PD-32 Evening Shadows PD-32 Evening Shadows

PD-37 Violet PD-37 Violet

DC-34-Black PD-DC Black

PD-19 Charcoal PD-19 Charcoal

PD-8 Dove Gray PD-8 Dove Gray

PD-2 Gray PD-2 Gray

PD-14 Greige PD-18 Greige


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