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Wolf Park Boosts Collection Efforts with Recycle Away Systems

Posted by Lisa on 2/16/2011

Wolf Park Staff Lend a Hand in Recycling EffortsThe staff at Wolf Park in Battle Ground, Indiana, are highly skilled in preservation. Therefore, it was no surprise that improving recycling at their visitor center was made a priority.

For years, Wolf Park relied on plastic bins that blew in the wind, emptied to the ground and required volunteers to pick up the scattered pieces. Because visitors were always confusing these containers for trash cans, interns spent most of their time separating waste from recyclables. But even with these struggles, Wolf Park staff were determined to recycle.

Finally, enough funding was found to support the purchase of one recycling system for their visitor center. Knowing that the nonprofit was struggling for funds, Recycle Away was able to provide Wolf Park with two recycling systems for the price of one.

Recycle Away's owner, Michael Alexander, encouraged Wolf Park to choose from the Sustainability Series Containers. These sturdy indoor/outdoor systems are built from recycled content. The structure is expected to last for about 80 years in all weather conditions. The separate openings and clear signage will eliminate waste stream contamination.

Wolf Park employees are delighted with their recycling containers and look forward to recycling more.