Optimize commercial or residential recycling stations with the best recycle bins. These bins are everything you want in style, materials, and color schemes for a variety of uses.

Whether you are working as a sports stadium manager, hospital administrator, or lunchroom lady, there is the perfect recycling bin and container for your needs. Check out these tips on how to select the right recycle bin when shopping for recycling containers.

Color Matters for the Best Recycle Bins

When purchasing one of the best recycle bins from Recycle Away, the color of the container actually does matter. For example, a common question we hear is what do the brown and blue container colors mean.

Brown recycling containers are for outdoor yard waste that can be composted. Blue bins are the most popular as these are for indoor recyclable waste.

By the way, avoid gray containers. These are for trash that is not recyclable. The reason why the colors matter in recycling bins is that you often have commercial services that dispose of this recycling for you. Also, the color scheme is universal for recycling bins, which helps recyclers easily identify the right bin to use.

A good example of a combination of the most popular colors for recycling bins is the Spectrum Three Stream Recycling Station. This tri-bin station combines green, blue, and black recycling colors. The unique opening shapes on the tops of each bin look like minus and plus symbols to make it more inviting to use them.

Lid Versus Open

Generally, recycling containers have lids to help minimize odors and insects. However, you can also select a recycling bin that is open at the top to make it easier to toss in garbage.

Choosing the right style of recycling receptacle makes all the difference in encouraging people to use it. Also, consider building codes and statutes on what is required with covering or leaving a recycling bin open at the top.

Recycle Away has an option called the Anova Streetside Steel 2-Stream. This is a steel recycling can duo with one in green and the other in gray. In addition, the top of the opening is covered with an arching piece of metal.

Made in the USA, this top design allows for individuals to drop recycling into the can lid without touching the lid. The Anova Streetside 40 Gallon Trash Bin by the same company with a bonnet lid is another good option in this category.

See how the top is permanently covering the opening of the top of the bin. This reduces the chance that rain or snow could fall into the uncovered recycling can, which would jeopardize the contents being recycled. For a metro area or outdoor venue, the use of a partially, permanently covered recycling bin is the best choice.

For recycling cans that have lids that open and close, there is the Simple Sort Recycling Container Collection. These plastic bins have colored lids that also feature stickers for more detailed instructions on recycling. Schools, churches, and gyms where there are younger people who may not be able to read yet can benefit from these lidded recycling containers.

Types of Recycling

The final consideration in choosing the best recycle bins is based on the type of recycling that is being done. Here is where you want to think about what kind of trash is most often tossed away in the area where you are installing the recycling station.

If you are in a newspaper room, clearly you want to be able to recycle paper. Do a trash audit for a period of a week to a month to see what kind of trash is being thrown away. Then you can decide which type of recycling bins to purchase for the needs of that space. The most common types of recyclables are:

  • Steel
  • Aluminum cans
  • Plastic bottles
  • Newspapers

Choose the recycling containers that will optimize waste disposal in your target zone.

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