As you shop for the best recycling bins for office kitchens in enterprise businesses, there are many options on the market. From shiny stainless steel to colorful plastic, you can choose from recycling bins that fit any decor.

Take a look at these top picks for the most popular recycling bins used in an office kitchen. See what is trending in office kitchen designs that will help you better choose the right recycling bins.

3 Best Recycle Bins for Office Kitchens

There are several kinds of recycling bins that are useful for corporate-style office kitchens. However, there are differences in the style and design of these containers.

For an executive office, a more luxurious look is necessary to fit the decor. These three types of recycling bins as described below offer additional elements, such as labeling and durability.

Recycling Containers in Designer Colors

Start with the Recycle Away picks for recycling containers that are finished in hues perfect for interior designers. If you are working with a color palette for a cohesive interior design, our best recycling bins for office kitchens feature everything from satin brass to a muted desert stone.

About Aristata Recycle Bins

Another elegant option that really fits well in a luxury or executive office kitchen is by the brand Aristata. These recycling bins are available from a single stream up to a triple stream.

Featuring a stylish square-shaped design, the container base is either wood or metal. The top openings of this brand of the best recycling bins for office kitchens feature stainless steel to contrast the base.

Black Tie Kaleidoscope Recycling Bins

The third option sold by the Recycle Away storefront that is very well suited to the office kitchen setting is called Black Tie Kaleidoscope. For a rich and fancy decor, these slim containers are finished with either black, gray, or white powder coating.

This collection also showcases a single round vessel for recycling that offers two equally proportioned sides for recycling and trash. In addition, the name itself, "Black Tie Kaleidoscope," creates a positive image when in an office setting. You get the feeling you are attending a formal event, which makes going to the office kitchen more exciting.

How to Choose an Office Kitchen Recycling Bin

The key to finding the best recycling bins for office kitchens is starting with the major elements. For a recycling bin, these include a heavy-duty compartment to hold recycling. This bin needs to be large enough to fit the designed space, but not so large that the bin takes over the kitchen.

The choice of a lid or an open-top recycling bin is the next consideration. A lid prevents odors and bugs from being a problem. However, in a busy workspace, an open top can be much easier and conducive to recycling.

Bonus: Trends in Office Kitchens

Color is important for office kitchens, according to the newest trends. Having vibrant and cool color combinations will determine energy flow in a space.

An office kitchen needs a bit of both, and this is where the best recycling bins for office kitchens play a role. You are able to choose a colorful blue plastic bin or a shiny silver or metallic bin.

A recycling station should have the recycling bins in a color selection that makes sense. If you see a blue trash can or a white Black Tie Kaleidoscope bin, you know that it is for recycling. Other trash can colors, including black and gray, are for non-recyclables.

Shop for the Best Recycle Bins for Office Kitchens Today

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