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3 Tips for Choosing the Best Recycle Bins

Posted by Miranda on 1/22/2023 to Recycling Tips

Optimize commercial or residential recycling stations with the best recycle bins. These bins are everything you want in style, materials, and color schemes for a variety of uses.

Whether you are working as a sports stadium manager, hospital administrator, or lunchroom lady, there is the perfect recycling bin and container for your needs. Check out these tips on how to select the right recycle bin when shopping for recycling containers.

Buying The Best Recycle Bins for Office Kitchens in 2023

Posted by Miranda on 1/4/2023 to Recycling Tips

As you shop for the best recycling bins for office kitchens in enterprise businesses, there are many options on the market. From shiny stainless steel to colorful plastic, you can choose from recycling bins that fit any decor.

Take a look at these top picks for the most popular recycling bins used in an office kitchen. See what is trending in office kitchen designs that will help you better choose the right recycling bins.

3 Creative Projects For Reclaimed Wood

Posted by Eleanor Bennett on 11/13/2022 to Recycling Tips

We all know that wood is one of this planet's most sustainable and eco-friendly materials. Another great thing about it: it's exceptionally versatile. On top of the fact that it can be used to make furniture, roof shingles, crates, and the like, you can use recycled wood to manufacture all kinds of items, from bangles to wall panels. But do you know just how much waste wood ends up not being recycled and rots across dump yards instead of being used as the primary material for producing so many top-quality products?

While the demolition and construction sectors are the most significant industrial producers of waste wood, this fascinating recycling material is also created across the commercial, industrial, and household sectors. Did you know that even though over 16 million tonnes of waste wood is created annually, only 15% of that gets reclaimed and recycled? To help the environment, it’s crucial that people across industries finally understand the importance of reclaimed wood. That's precisely why we find this material so applicable to creative projects.

The Conundrum of Coffee Cups & Recycling

Posted by Esther C. on 6/2/2022 to Composting

We’re addicted to coffee, but that’s a problem. Our beverage of choice produces massive amounts of waste. Every year, American toss 4 billion coffee cups, and Canadians throw out 1.5 billion in the same period. That’s just two countries, and while we may be the worst offenders, estimates put the number of trashed cups at 600 billion cups around the world every year.

Convenience Store Chain Notches Another Environmental First—Recycling Bins

Posted by Jessie H. on 2/7/2022 to Press Releases
Convenience Store Chain Notches Another Environmental First—Recycling Bins
A major convenience store chain with a focus on the environment, adding recycling containers? Sounds like a no-brainer. In fact it took a lot of brainwork for RecycleAway and Sheetz, one of the nations fastest-growing family owned convenience store chains, to come up with a formula that worked.

Your Water Bottle Can Ride Forever on the MBTA

Posted by Jessie Haas on 11/1/2021 to Press Releases
Your Water Bottle Can Ride Forever on the MBTA
Bostonians know they can 'ride forever 'neath the streets of Boston' on the MBTA using their Charlie Cards.

The Challenge of Markets - The supply of recyclables is larger than the demand

Posted by Michael Alexander on 4/2/2019 to Public Education
The Challenge of Markets - The supply of recyclables is larger than the demand
This article, by Recycle Away CEO Michael Alexander, was originally published in the EPA Journal in July-August 1992. It is turning out to be more relevant and informative than ever in the current international recycling landscape.
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