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Crashing Oil Prices: How It's Affecting Recycling Efforts Across The Globe

Posted by Emily Bellmore on 4/10/2015 to Public Education

Have you ever thought that oil prices and recycling could have a connection? Since recent oil prices have significantly dropped, it's putting a crunch on the recycling industry. As crude oil prices continue to crash, the result makes it cheaper for plastic companies to use new or virgin materials versus the goods you can recycle. Recycled plastics prices are extremely low, and for some waste management companies or local government affiliates, they are now having to pay to have their materials removed.

Vermont Based Company Call2Recycle Regulates A Plan For The Collection & Recycling Of Single-Use Batteries

Posted by Emily Bellmore on 4/3/2015 to Public Education

Vermont once again made the news this week, as non-profit organization Call2Recycle, North America's first and largest battery stewardship program will submit to Vermont regulators, a plan for the collection and recycling of single-use batteries. The non-profit group announced "it had been selected by battery producers to represent them in complying with the nation's first mandatory take-back law for single-use batteries."

Stowe Mountain Resort Teams Up With Recycle Away To Incorporate New Custom Recycling Containers

Posted by Emily Bellmore on 3/13/2015 to Custom Recycling Containers

Recently, representatives from the Stowe Mountain Resort in Stowe, Vermont, contacted Recycle Away in hopes that they could partner together, to incorporate a newly designed multi-waste stream recycling program into their business. Stowe currently had a recycling program already in existence, however, they were having major issues with their waste streams being cross-contaminated.

Earth Day Is Almost Here: Let Us Help You With Your Earth Day Celebrations

Posted by Emily Bellmore on 2/27/2015 to Public Education

This year's Earth Day will be celebrated on Wednesday, April 22nd and marks the 45th anniversary of what many consider the birth of the modern environmental movement which began in 1970. Earth Day is a world wide recognized event that gives everyone around the globe, the chance to honor mother earth and come together to show commitment, activism and support to our environment.

Outdoor Recycling: Save Money This Spring With Our Discounted Containers for Public-Space Recycling

Posted by Emily Bellmore on 2/17/2015 to Public Space Recycling

It's not to early to think about spring is it? With winter slowly coming to an end, it's important to think about the new season that's upon us and how to prepare your recycling needs for the outdoors. Whether you are expanding, improving or implementing a public-space recycling program into your business or organization, it's vital to plan ahead and make your program the most successful it can be.

E-Waste: How Vermont and Other States Are Recycling Electronics

Posted by Emily Bellmore on 2/6/2015 to Public Education

Electronic waste or e-waste is any discarded electronic or electrical device. Many of these devices are classified as office electronic equipment, old computers, televisions, mobile phones and even refrigerators. Did you know that an estimated 50 million tons of e-waste in produced every year? The Environmental Protection Agency suggests that only 15-20% of e-waste is recycled, the remaining number sadly ends up in our landfills and incinerators.

Vermont Receives Grant to Support Clean Energy and Food Scrap Recycling

Posted by Emily Bellmore on 1/30/2015 to Public Education

When Vermont makes headlines it always excites us. Especially when the news pertains to important issues such as renewable energy and composting. These topics are not only important to Vermont, they are vital to the way our state functions and grows.

Keep America Beautiful 2015 National Conference

Posted by Emily Bellmore on 1/23/2015 to Public Education

Keep America Beautiful is the nation's leading nonprofit that brings people together to build and sustain vibrant communities. With the help of volunteers throughout communities all over the country, Keep America Beautiful networks those involved to help turn public spaces into beautiful places.

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