Smarter food court trash receptacles for food service and recycling waste containers will improve your food court. First, analyze your food court vendors and their menus and the recyclables and trash they provide to customers. Then invest in the right size and stream stations for your food court recycling and food waste needs.

Auditing Food Waste at Food Courts

Take a moment to consider what type of food vendors you have in the food court. Pizzerias and chinese takeout restaurants are common, as are hamburger joints and taco shops. Each vendor type has a specific kind of waste, such as large cardboard pizza boxes or plastic sushi trays.

Here is a free Food Waste Audit resource by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), an Excel spreadsheet for food venues. This tool covers the record-keeping of daily food waste from restaurants. Use the tool to understand better the types of food waste in the food service at your food court.

Pizza Box Recycling Stations

For the recycling stream to accept these, the Sierra Club reports that pizza boxes must be clean and free of food crumbs and grease. Stack empty pizza boxes away from leftover pepperoni slices and pizza crusts thanks to the right type of pizza box recycling station.

Ideal for pizzerias, pizza box compost bins simplify what to do with those extra-large cardboard pizza boxes. Stack and sort recyclable pizza boxes on one side. Use a combination system, like the Keene Pizza Box Compost Bin Vail Top Load Deluxe Combo. The side compartment is for food waste tossed away from the pizza boxes.

Recycling Stations With a Tray Holder

A typical food court's recycling station with a tray holder is a priority for most vendors. These stations have an upper deck to support stacks of used food trays. Utilize this system to avoid the loss of valuable trays and better divide trash, recyclable, and compostable items.

Two- and Three-Stream Foodservice Recycling Stations

Set up a quick and easy recycling system with our two and three-stream food service recycling stations. Choose the combination food service recycling station that best suits your food court layout and recycling needs. Decals for these food service recycling stations come preconfigured and may include the following:

  • Cans/bottles
  • Paper
  • Recyclables
  • Trash

Also, note the size configuration varies between the two- and three-stream containers. You typically have two larger units with a smaller third bin.

For instance, you have two 36-gallon units with one 17-gallon unit in the luxurious Black Tie Kaleidoscope Series. Maximize space for food courts with varying amounts of recyclables, waste, cans, plastics, etc., to manage.

Four-Stream Recycling Stations

An even more impressive setup is the four-stream recycling stations. Food court trash receptacles have up to five stream options to choose from:

  • Cans
  • Glass
  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Waste

Choose the top streams to customize on the stylish and durable fiberglass model, the 48 Gallon Concord Recyclers Four-Stream. The Concord is a single unit fully molded from fiberglass, giving it a retro feel.

If you are searching for something more upscale and sophisticated, consider the New London Four-Stream Recycling Center. This system holds a maximum of 92 gallons of refuse, 23 gallons per unit.

The New London Four-Stream recycling station appears sleek with a two-tone fiberglass shape. The standard station has a White Honey top and Cinnamon bottom with a glossy finish. However, you can choose from 30 color options, which include Earth Red, Evening Shadows, and Greige.

Small Simple Sort Double Stations

Consider the need for short-term or smaller-capacity food courts, such as with a pop-up restaurant or temporary outdoor seating. If your food court trash receptacles are used seasonally or rarely, purchase small, simple sort double stations. These recycling and trash stations hold a few gallons of material and can be easily stored between uses.

Customizable Food Court Trash Receptacles

Do you want to customize food court trash cans? Check out these fully customizable 3-Stream stations by ErgoCan. Each panel can feature custom artwork designed by your team or using our layouts.

In addition, you can customize the opening at the top of the recycling and trash containers. Choose the form on the top panel, whether you prefer a diamond, a slot, or a circle. The shape adds a personal touch when branding a food court.

Outdoor Recycling Station Bins

A food court with seating outdoors adds ambiance and enhances the dining experience for customers. Maintain a healthy outdoor eating area by providing recycling station bins made to withstand the elements of sun, wind, and rain.

Remember Pet Waste

Finally, Fido has a service request. He and the other pets visiting your outdoor food court area will need pet waste trash cans. These should be equipped with bags for containing and disposing of pet waste properly.

Request a Free Quote on Food Court Trash Receptacles

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