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Recycle Away provides complete recycling solutions to corporations, governments, colleges and schools, and non-profit organizations. We have recycling bins for all indoor or outdoor settings, as well as special events. Shop online and choose from hundreds of different recycling containers, styles, and configurations.

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Does your recycling program need help? Recycle Away has a solution for you!

Recycle Away is located in the beautiful Green Mountain State in the vibrant downtown of Brattleboro, Vermont. Because we specialize in recycling containers and have decades of hands-on experience in establishing recycling program, we offer our customers recycling solutions tailored to their setting and budget. We supply the most cost-effective, attractive, functional, and durable recycling bins and recycling receptacles available for a wide variety of settings, all with a friendly, helpful Vermont vibe. View our complete line of recycling containers, or give us a call — it just might be the president of our company who answers.

We've designed our website you can easily select the best recycling containers and design the perfect recycling station for your program. Don't see the exact recycle bin you're looking for? Call or email us and we will find a custom solutions that works for you. At Recycle Away, our goal is to help you create a winning recycling program that will make you and your employees, customers and students proud. We specialize in custom recycle bins and recycling containers.

Recycle Away also provides expert, hands-on consulting to help you plan, implement and track your recycling program. Our team of experts is available to assist you in starting a recycling program that meets your needs and budget. Just call us at (800) 664-5340, or email us with any questions regarding our products and services. Get advice from our experts now.

Recycle Away Specializes in:

  • Custom recycling containers for corporations
  • Color-coded recycle bins for colleges and universities
  • Outdoor recycling stations for parks and downtowns
  • Recycled-content containers for LEED certified facilities
  • Office recycling bins for businesses
  • Fun and effective recycling containers for schools