Working in an office or fancy store involves maintaining the workspace with adequate decor. One way to ensure your workspace is on the level that meets your branding for clients or customers is with recycling bins.

Choose the best recycling bins for the office to help minimize the sight of recycling. By using these three techniques with your recycling efforts, you will optimize the interior or exterior design.

Go Luxe

Whether you are outfitting an office on Fifth Avenue in New York City, or you have a Midwestern business front in Sioux Falls, the luxe look is on point with recycling bins. Shiny metallics and visually interesting recycling container shapes serve double duty with form and function. For example, shop for these types of office recycling bins:

  • Circular black 360 recycling cans
  • California-compliant recycling containers
  • Three-stream square-edged recycle bins
  • Executive round wastebaskets for small-scale recycling
  • Hanging wastebasket with side compartment and lid

Focus on the fabrication and the materials when buying the best recycle bins for your office. You can select shiny stainless steel silver recycling bins that serve as statuesque columns. The wood grain recycling bins are also high-end and luxurious with a fancy feel to them.

Match the Color Scheme

The color pattern in the interior design of an office is important for the overall vibe and aesthetic. Matching the color scheme of the office with the recycling containers will ensure the cans blend in without looking tacky. Recycle Away sells all colors of containers, such as blue and brown office recycling bins that are commonly purchased for an office decor.

How to Match Colors for Recycling Bins

Here are some additional suggestions for matching colors for recycling bins. If you are looking to wake up people, go with gold or yellow for the color patterns including the trash and recycling bins. A muted brown or blue office space will be experienced as more warm and earthy, even calming. Other ideas for the best colors for luxurious recycling bins include:

  • Solid white
  • All-black
  • Gray / silver
  • Beige / tan

Think in terms of the main color used in your office right now. Use this color for the recycling bins in the office to help reduce the sight of the cans.

A bright orange recycling can in a cool white office, for example, could be seen as childlike or cause people to cringe. That is the opposite of what you want when trying to help hide recycling bins for the office. However, if you have a contemporary art gallery, this minimalist pop of color could be the ticket to attracting more patrons.

Think about your overall interior and exterior design when considering recycling bins. Along with recycling bins for the inside office space, you may also want to install outdoor recycling receptacles.

Such expansion will reduce the amount of interior space needed to manage recycling. However, you have to consider whether this works for the needs and flow of the office and employees.

Choose the Best Recycle Bins for the Office at Recycle Away

At Recycle Away, we satisfy the customers’ demands for luxurious or minimized recycle bins for the office. Choose from a high-end wood or stainless steel recycling container, or go for a look that matches your decor. Streamline the style of your recycling and trash can with a combination bin also sold by Recycle Away.

By investing in the best quality trash and recycling containers for your office and business, you can save money in the long term. Improve the look and flow of the workspace, so you achieve more goals and increase the financial potential of the office. You are able to give your employees a better quality work environment, which will boost productivity and enhance work experiences.

Shop at Recycle Away today to find the trendiest, luxurious, and highest-quality recycling cans and containers for any space. We have thousands of recycling bins to choose from along with customization options for most products. Add your own finishing touches to a recycling can design to satisfy your interior or exterior decor.