Pet waste trash cans are popular in parks, recreational areas, and other commercial spaces. Recycle Away offers a range of sizes, materials, colors, and prices for these pet-friendly trash cans. These pet waste products are essential, particularly as pets become integral parts of our homes and offices.

What Are Pet Waste Trash Cans?

Our pet waste trash cans are easy-to-use, with odor and bacteria control built right in. In addition, the touchless designs make them the ideal sanitary solution for public areas. However, when addressing pet waste, you've probably already seen that "regular" trash receptacles aren't up for the job.

The sleek, versatile designs and air filtration models support sanitation and odor control while hiding the unmentionable remnants from view. Beyond ADA and OSHA compliance, these waste stations can offer pet waste bags. They're also built to last in various weather and temperature conditions.

Where Can You Use Pet Waste Trash Cans?

Pet waste trash cans are the best solution for many use-case scenarios. Beyond the apparent uses indoors and outdoors for high-traffic, pet-use areas, they are perfect for parks, office lawn areas, and other pet-use areas.

What Should You Look for in Pet Waste Trash Cans?

If you've never purchased a pet waste trash can, you may not have thought about what you need. Here's what you need to consider when choosing the best trash can for pet waste.

  • Are you able to seal in germs and odors for sanitary, smell-free operation?
  • Is it portable? Or is it designed to be stationary?
  • What about the cost? Is it possible to get a more cost-effective version that will meet your needs for your home or office?
  • Should it include bags, rakes, shovels, etc.?
  • Does it need to be weatherproof and durable?

Examples of Pet Waste Trash Cans

With so many options for pet waste trash cans, we've compiled a quick list of products to spark your interest. These products represent options and functionality perfect for public areas, parks, lawns, and other recreational spaces. We also have options for your home and office.

25 Gallon Barrel Dog Waste Station

If you're a dog owner or have ever walked your furry friend in a park or outdoor area, you know the importance of being a responsible pet owner. It's crucial to clean up after your pet to maintain the cleanliness of public spaces and prevent the spread of harmful bacteria.

However, finding a proper way to dispose of dog waste can be a daunting task. Many parks lack waste bins or provide inadequate solutions, making it challenging for pet owners to clean up after their pets.

But what if there was a complete dog waste solution that made cleaning up after your pet a breeze? Well, there is! Our Barrel Dog Waste Station is a compact, all-in-one solution that includes a bag dispenser, waste collection receptacle, and informational signage, all constructed from durable and weather-resistant plastic lumber.

15 Gallon Barrel Dog Waste Station

Introducing the 15-gallon Barrel Dog Waste Station - the ultimate solution for pet waste management in outdoor areas! With this compact station, keeping your parks and outdoor spaces clean and hygienic has never been easier. Designed to be user-friendly and environmentally responsible, the station features a bag dispenser, waste collection receptacle, and informative signage - all constructed from durable and weather-resistant plastic lumber.

10 Gallon Barrel Dog Waste Station

The 10-gallon capacity of this trash can means that it can hold a large amount of waste without needing to be emptied frequently. This makes it an efficient and convenient solution for managing waste in areas where there is high foot traffic or where waste accumulates quickly.

Whether you're looking for a reliable trash can for your office, business, park, or home, our 10-gallon trash can is the perfect choice. It offers a practical and durable solution for managing waste while keeping your surroundings clean and tidy.

Why Choose the Pet Waste Trash Cans from Recycle Away?

At Recycle Away, we're dedicated to offering the best pet waste trash cans. Our team of professionals helps you determine the waste management system that will work best. Our popular products are multi-faceted solutions to start your pet waste station, ensure public safety, and support sanitation protocols.

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