Learn how to maximize workplace efficiency by using recycling cans with caster wheels. Whether you buy a recycling bin that comes exclusively with wheels or you need to add these to a customized order, we are here to help. Find out how Recycle Away can solve your recycling dilemmas with more innovative solutions for recycling bins that roll.

Ways to Use Recycle Bins With Wheels

When you have a recycling bin combined with a cart on wheels, you significantly increase the capacity of your recycling cans. Rolling recycling bins are ideally suited for the following:

  • Construction sites
  • Temporary office spaces
  • Classrooms
  • Outdoor campuses
  • Cooking areas

Whether you run a construction business or you have a catering company, you can benefit from recycling bins that roll. Improve efficiency and ergonomics by bulk ordering recycling cans from Recycle Away.

Benefits of a Recycle Bin Cart on Wheels

Our recycle bins on wheels have various other features to streamline waste management. Choose recycling bins with lids that flip up for durability in outdoor spaces. If you are focused more on aesthetics, consider the metal or stainless steel basket-style bins on carts.

OSHA Approved Recycling Containers

Having OSHA-approved carts on wheels for your company will also reduce accidents and injuries on the job. Stay compliant and protect your employees using recycling bin carts on wheels. We have the federally approved recycling containers ready for purchase today.

Customized Recycling Cans on Wheels

You can customize the design with select lids, logo prints, and color schemes. Choose a color combination matching your media kits' hues and shades. Avoid having the wrong color logo and brand on your recycling cans by ordering from Recycle Away.

Adding Caster Wheels to Recycling Cans

What if you prefer a recycling bin that does not typically come with wheels? Not a problem at Recycle Away, as we allow for modifications that include adding caster wheels to custom orders.

You can add caster wheels to several of our metal recycling bin models. Take, for example, our Metro XL Recycling Receptacle in Hammered Copper. This handsome recycling can is made from heavy copper hammered into a distinct style. Including the caster wheels to make this a rolling recycling bin.

Types of Recycling Carts that Roll

Another way to sort through the thousands of recycling receptacles we have at Recycle Away is according to indoor versus outdoor use. Choose from outdoor recycling cans on wheels or those wheeled bins designed for the indoors.

Also, consider recycling carts with lids on hinges versus swinger-style lids. Depending on your use, you can do a lot with the design of various recycling containers on wheels. Save space while supplying the right type of recycling centers for your needs

Best Recycling Carts at Recycle Away

Please take a closer peek at some of the top selections for recycling containers with wheels we have for sale. These are our insider picks of the leading solutions for recycling carts that move.

Recycling Cube Truck

We feature the Recycling Cube Truck by Rubbermaid for those applications that require easy access. Use this type of wheeled recycling container for:

  • Laundry services
  • Transporting materials
  • Waste collection

Whether you work in a hospital, a chemical lab, or a laundromat, the Recycling Cube Truck is an intelligent solution. This type of recycling cart is also perfect for media companies, such as newspaper printers, where bulk dry goods are disposed of at once.

Quickly access the recycling cart from the open top that does not have a lid or covering. The lipped edge protects against injury, while the caster wheels are well placed on the cart's base. Avoid getting cut or pinched by the moving cart with the use of this wide lip around the top.

BRUTE Rollout Containers

Upgrade your recycling carts with a more durable 50 Gallon BRUTE Recycling Rollout Container with Lid. Ideally designed for outdoor use, these substantial recycling carts move with the touch of a finger thanks to ergonomic handles.

As a Rubbermaid brand, BRUTE has been in business since 1968. Take advantage of that legacy when you switch to the BRUTE Rollout Containers for recycling. Choose the rolling models of BRUTE trash cans to increase recycling efficiency.

Step-On Recycle Bin Carts

Our 23 Gallon Step-on Trash Can with Wheels in Beige serves the function of both hands-free waste disposal and mobility. Push this easy-to-roll cart with wheels to various areas of your facility or business.

The convenient step-on feature elevates the capacity of this Recycle Away classic can. You can keep your hands free and easily access trash cans for recycling. This will reduce the spread of germs and odors due to recycling efforts.

Trust the Best in Recycle Bin Cart on Wheels

Join a group of clients using Recycle Away products, including Coca-Cola, Lyft, Dominion Energy, and Wolverine. We have hundreds of recycling cans with wheels and the convenience of adding caster wheels to custom orders.

Order a recycling bin cart on wheels by calling 800-664-5340 to speak with an agent. Get a custom quote for new recycling bin carts on wheels for bulk orders or customized kits.