Reduce and recycle your waste. Start a recycling program at your school!

Does your school have an active recycling program? Are you looking to get your staff and students involved in recycling and get on track to reducing your current waste? Schools can often generate a lot of waste and it’s important to keep tabs on where all that trash is going. Incorporating a recycling program could be just what your school needs to start making a difference.

Want to know how to get your school involved? Here’s how you can make it happen!

  • Establish a recycling team
  • Assess your current recycling situation
  • Design a program based on your school’s needs
  • Educate your students and staff
  • Track your progress
  • Now, let’s expand on this plan…

    You’ll first need to start by creating a recycling team. This should be a small group of people that can create a plan of action, educate students and staff and work closely together to organize, execute and evaluate your new recycling program. When you’ve established your crew, be sure to plan on having a meeting with your local waste official or recycling coordinator to discuss your current waste situation. This meeting can offer you insight about programs and resources and how to utilize and manage your waste after it leaves your school. By doing so, you can track where your waste is going, and how to manage it to be more effectively.

    Next, you’ll want to design a program based on your school’s needs. Depending on the size of your school, your needs may vary. Putting the right recycling bins in the right places will help maximize adoption among students and staff.

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    Once you’ve designed your program and are ready to incorporate it, get your team together to educate your students and staff. Put your new recycling knowledge to use, let your faculty and students know the importance of recycling and the profound impact it will have on your school and the environment.

    When your program has been established it’s vital to track your progress. Do periodic checks of trash cans and recycling bins in different areas, and have conversations in areas where recycling isn’t making it into the bin. By doing so, you’ll be able to evaluate your program and in turn, see an increase in recycling at your school. It’s crucial to get feedback from your staff and students to see if this program is working and to see if it’s sustainable.

    Improve your school by managing and reducing its waste. There are social, economic and environmental benefits to recycling. By taking part, you are greatly impacting the vitality of your school, students and world!