Vermont Making Big Steps Towards Reducing Carbon Footprint
Burlington, Vermont

As part of Vermont’s larger effort to reduce its carbon footprint, this week Burlington, Vermont, announced that 100% of its electricity is now renewable. Renewable energy means that the energy fueling the small city comes from sources such as water, wind, and biomass.

It’s a small step towards Vermont’s long-term goal – Making 90% of the entire state’s energy renewable. They hope to achieve this by 2050 and we’re proud to call this state our home. You can read more about Burlington’s 100% renewable energy in the Burlington Free Press here.

We get excited when environmentally conscious decisions gain as much press as this story. It gives us hope for other initiatives that Vermont has going on right now, including Act 148, Vermont’s Universal Recycling Law. This is an amazing law that will provide convenient choices for solid waste generators and will lead to more consistent recycling resources throughout the state. Like getting Vermont to 90% renewable energy, this act is also helping to reduce our state’s carbon footprint as a whole. You can read more about Act 148 here.

We’re proud to be a part of such a forward-thinking state and see these values even in large companies based in Vermont. Burton Snowboards, based in Burlington, is a customer of ours and they have spent a lot of time creating an easy, comprehensive recycling program for their offices.

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