With more and more people becoming environmentally conscious and adopting a zero-waste lifestyle, trash bin manufacturers are coming up with new ways to meet these needs. Trash and recycling bins now come in new and exciting designs that make separating trash a stylish affair. 

These bins are designed to be used for both trash and recyclables, making it easy for users to recycle more of their waste while cutting down on the cost and hassle of having two bins. Here are some of the trendiest and most versatile trash and recycling combo bins available on the market.

Nature Series 33 Gallon Recycling and Trash Combo - Bamboo

This eco-friendly duo of recycling and trash bins is made from 100% post-consumer recyclable materials and comes with lift handles for easy access and a lanyard-secured dome lid with color-coordinated LLDPE liners.

You'll want to promote it to owners and managers of landscaped properties, as it's designed to make collecting litter, waste, and recycled materials easy and visually pleasing. Not only are the bins easy to access, clean, and use, but they're also lightweight and easy to carry and transport, making them a low-maintenance option.

The secure, concealed locking system helps to prevent unauthorized access, while the integrated steel foot-bar makes the bin easy to lift and dump. Rounded corners add a desirable safety element to the bins and they're painted to match the color of each unit.

ArchTec Parkview Double Trash/Recycling Receptacle

This upscale double steel slotted bin is the ideal addition to a contemporary property. It's got a double dome lid that's hard to miss and it comes with a set of decals to clearly identify the recycling bin from the trash bin.

Choose from various metallic, scratch-resistant powder-coated finishes, and make sure your customers know that it's made from all-weather polyethylene that can handle the demands of high-traffic areas.

The recycling bin has an oval opening, while the trash bin sports a wider square bin with a 25 lbs liner. The recycling side of this bin is perfect for disposing of paper waste, cans, bottles, plastics, and more. It'll definitely take the guesswork out of trash day for tenants.

The Octo Indoor Two-Stream Recycling & Waste Combo

This combo system includes two 32-gallon bins that can be used for recycled and trash items. It allows the user to cut down on their environmental impact by recycling more of their waste materials and this is the best angle to lead with when sharing this design with your customers.

Notable features include an eight-sided design that allows for easy personalization, a weighted base that'll keep it rooted no matter what the elements are doing, and colored face plates that make for high visibility. The latter feature makes this combo ideal for outdoor use, while the accessible liners will make trash day a breeze.

Stadium 35 Gallon Recycling and Waste Combo with Hood Tops in Stainless Steel

Here we have a top-of-the-line durable and versatile bin combo that sets itself apart with convenient features like a lid attachment kit and a complimentary lid cable. It's made from stainless steel with an elegant design that's easy to see from afar. Each unit measures 35 gallons and comes with rigid plastic liners that are durable and easy to use. Another notable feature that you may want to mention to your customers is the protective coated base which adds resilience in outdoor settings.

28 Quart Recycling and Waste Basket Combo

Typically used in offices, patios, and other small spaces, this 28-quart bin combo is boldly printed so the user knows what goes where. It's available in a range of color options, including blue, black, and green. It's one of those customizable options in that each bin can be stamped with your customer's brand logo to improve visibility and brand aesthetic. These bins are ideal for tucking behind an office desk and they won't take up much space.

ArchTec Parkview IV Waste and Recycling Receptacle

A true all-in-one solution, this unique receptacle is made from weatherproof powder-coated steel throughout to ensure durability and resistance to wear and tear. At first glance, it looks like a single recycling bin, but on closer inspection, you'll find that it contains two half-moon liners beneath uniquely designed openings.

This bin combo can be placed outside with ease knowing that the lid is securely attached to the body of the unit using a built-in security cable. Maintenance is just as hassle-free thanks to the bag clip holders on the liners. These features make this worth the investment not just for you but for your customers as well.

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