We all know that wood is one of this planet's most sustainable and eco-friendly materials. Another great thing about it: it's exceptionally versatile. On top of the fact that it can be used to make furniture, roof shingles, crates, and the like, you can use recycled wood to manufacture all kinds of items, from bangles to wall panels. But do you know just how much waste wood ends up not being recycled and rots across dump yards instead of being used as the primary material for producing so many top-quality products?

While the demolition and construction sectors are the most significant industrial producers of waste wood, this fascinating recycling material is also created across the commercial, industrial, and household sectors. Did you know that even though over 16 million tonnes of waste wood is created annually, only 15% of that gets reclaimed and recycled? To help the environment, it’s crucial that people across industries finally understand the importance of reclaimed wood. That's precisely why we find this material so applicable to creative projects.


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With a bit of creativity, you can create some simply beautiful products for your business. From wooden cases for phones to wooden wireless chargers and even wooden bracelets, each of these items can be made from reclaimed wood, which means you'll be recycling and reusing material which will reduce the number of new trees being cut down for the production of furniture and other goods.

Here are three novel ways to put discarded wood to use that you can develop into a profitable business on your own.

Unique And Practical Wood Phone Cases

Wooden phone cases make a beautiful accessory for peoples' favorite gadgets, but you have to know where and what to look for. The first step is to find a reputable supplier of reclaimed wood—that means it's been salvaged from old buildings, barns, and other places rather than freshly-cut lumber. It also means that it's been dried out properly so that it doesn't warp or crack when you work with it.

When choosing a wooden phone case design, don't be afraid to get creative with it. You can have any shape or size you like carved out of the wood, and you might even add an extra piece of wood to form a grip on the backside. Pick a favorite color paint or stain for the front of the case and add your company's flair by carving out designs in the wood—flowers, hearts, initials, words, or your logo are all great options that aren't too tricky to do. Because the wood has been used before, it's often a good source of imperfections, meaning each piece of reclaimed wood has a unique aesthetic. These bits of character will shine through in your phone case.

A wooden phone case is not only pleasing to the eye, but it is also tough and provides adequate protection for mobile devices. A wide variety of hardwoods and softwoods can be used in the design of wooden phone cases, including white oak, cherry, walnut, and even pine. In addition, the wood can be sanded down (or left in its natural state) to improve the case grip, depending on your preference. In addition, your customers will be satisfied knowing that no two wooden phone cases will ever be a replica of one another.


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Sustainable Style: Wooden Bracelets

There's something about wooden jewelry that feels special. It's because most people don't wear many wooden accessories as part of their daily outfits, so it catches our eye when they do. Perhaps it's the association with nature. Or maybe it's because we love to be reminded of the fact that there are alternatives to plastic-y and metallic-y fashion accessories. Whatever the reason, wooden bracelets have steadily become more prevalent in recent years, and several makers (large and small) have taken notice.

The trend started because of the toughness of wood—it's far more durable than you would think, and it will last a lifetime. Also, wood is easily sanitized compared to other materials such as metal or plastic.

Wood is also easier to care for than stone. And wood comes in so many different types that you're bound to find something that suits your style. Finally, we love the idea of using reclaimed wood because it's taking old trees that otherwise would've been cut down to make room for new ones and instead repurposing them into something beautiful that will last a lot longer than the original tree would have.


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Using A Wireless Charger Is A Great Way To Save Space And Stay On-Trend

One of the newest trends in technology is wireless charging, which allows people to wirelessly charge their cell phones and other devices without having to plug them into a charger.

Wireless technologies are becoming increasingly common, as people tend to be less patient with cables and wires. Hence, an easy solution that allows you to do away with all the cords and clutter up your device chargers is very attractive.

Some people might think of having a piece of wood on their tables or end tables as off-putting at first, but plenty of designs on the market that incorporate wood into their designs tastefully. These accessories can not only provide a space for devices to charge wirelessly, but they also function as decoration pieces that can bring some character to many homes.

Even designs incorporate resin besides wood into the design, making it easier to match the accessory with some existing furniture. These wireless chargers are a jackpot if you're looking for something innovative and trendy to start your eco-friendly business.


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To Sum It Up

As we've seen, wood can be put to a wide variety of inventive uses, many of which have nothing to do with its traditional function as a material for construction. You can make money off old wood that would have otherwise been thrown away by turning it into one-of-a-kind items you can sell. These small, once-used materials can be given a new lease on life as works of art, accessories, and other products that can be sold for money. As with any other creative project, the only absolute limit is the one imposed by your imagination.