As you shop for your business's ideal trash and recycling bin combination, start with the most requested features. These include capacity and size, as well as materials and lid design. Now dig deeper into these features and seven of the best trash and recycling stations that are sold at Recycle Away.

Capacity and Size

The capacity of a trash and recycling combo is typically three times that of a standard-size trash bin. Consider having the following types of waste receptacles:

  • Waste and non-recyclables bin
  • Glass and fragile recyclable items container
  • Paper recycling container
  • Plastics disposal can

Each container or bin will weigh more or less depending on the materials used.

Lids and Materials

Each of these containers should be equipped to work successfully with a lid. Lids varying from swinging to cut-out designs make identifying recycling streams easier and faster.

In addition, the materials used to make the trash can range from plastic to steel. Choose a trash and recycling container at your location that will withstand the elements, including foot traffic.

Ways to Use Trash Cans With a Recycling Bin

Several industries and businesses can benefit from trash cans with adjoining recycling compartments. These industries and organizations cover the spectrum, including:

  • Parks and recreation
  • Manufacturers and factories
  • School systems and college campuses
  • Sports arenas and public complexes
  • Construction companies and work sites

Combining cans that cover all your waste and recycling disposal needs will save your business thousands. Maintain safety compliance and keep up the appearance of any workplace with recycling bins and trash can combos.

7 Popular Trash Cans With Recycle Bin Combos

Take out the trash and recycle simultaneously with these solutions in a trash can and recycle bin combo. After you audit your waste management practices, you will have the insight necessary to purchase the right number and capacity of waste bins. Use this guide to determine which features and styles work best in your space.

Hanging Waste Basket for Recycling

A hanging waste basket on the side of a recycling bin upgrades how you recycle in a small space. If your office needs a smaller bin for waste management services, the 28 Quart Recycling Basket with Hanging Waste Basket is a good choice. Save space with this innovative system for handling recycling.

Slotted Steel Trash and Recycling Can

Look into the more durable steel-sided trash and recycling combos for outdoor spaces and high-traffic indoor areas. The Anova Ultra 32 Gal Slotted Steel Trash Receptacle supplies a sophisticated way to manage waste. Choose this heavy-duty urban trash can to provide either recycling or garbage disposal.

Wipe and Waste Disposal Combo

Another type of trash can with a winning combination of recycling bins is the Sanitizing Wipe & Waste Bin in Designer Colors w/Free Wipes Roll. Here you have a way to provide a sanitization wipe and a clean process for disposing of used wipes. While not a recycling system, the latest wipes and waste disposal systems by Recycle Away could be repurposed.

Use biodegradable wipes that can be used in compost as part of your recycling program. This will help reduce the trash from your company filling up landfills.

Innovative Style for Recycle and Trash Duo

If you are working with a greater capacity and demand for waste removal, consider our 50-gallon trash bins. We have refined the style of these larger cans to be more streamlined and user-friendly. Take into account the Anova Upside 50 Gallon Recycle and Trash Combo.

Made in the USA, the Upside collection by the Anova brand is urban and cool. A modern shape is unique to the standard barrel design of trash cans. Also, this combo is manufactured from durable polyethylene plastic instead of metal. Slide the body of the can out to remove a full bag of waste with this lid-free system.

Large Lidded Outdoor Recycling and Trash Cans

If you need a lid, the Prism Outdoor 36-Gallon Trash Recycling Combo in Black and Blue is a solid selection. Here you have a lid connected to a steel security lanyard. Rubber feet hold these recycling and trash containers in place in high-traffic areas.

Trash and recyclables fit securely inside the square and round openings in these colored trash cans. This set of lidded outdoor trash bins makes recycling and sorting waste easier and quicker for your employees or customers.

Naturally Inspired Recycling and Trash Bins

One of the more illustrative recycling and trash bins sold by Recycle Away is the Nature Series 33 Gallon Recycling and Trash Combo - Leaves.

Notice how pretty the leaf-printed artwork appears on the exterior of these recycling and trash cans. Encourage recycling and waste disposal while improving space appearance with this system.

Three-Stream Composting and Waste System

Another system that is highly desired for waste management involves three-stream composting. The California Compliant The Elite Ergocan Three-Stream Compost Station is also approved by the State of CA to be used in public and work spaces.

Here you have a trio of garbage bins readily designed to work in any combination of compost and waste management. Choose to compost garbage that can be broken down successfully.

Order Your Trash Can With Recycle Bin Now

At Recycle Away, your next trash can with recycle bin is ready for you to order. Place a purchase order request or contact us for a quote. We have hundreds of recycling bins and trash can combos that are perfect for your trash disposal needs.

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